The internship program at UCCS enables students to integrate classroom learning with professional work experience. By participating in the internship program, students are able to further develop their career skills and better understand the job market.

In the internship program, local businesses partner with the campus to assist students and the local community. Students benefit by gaining invaluable on-the-job experience, and local businesses benefit by maintaining connections with the university that give them access to highly qualified employees.

Where UCCS Students Intern

National Internships

State-wide Internships

Career Fair Employers/Attendees with Internship Opportunities

Internships for College of Business Students

Internships for College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Students


Internship Information for Letters, Arts, and Science Majors:

Anthropology Majors

Biology Majors

Communications Majors

Economics Majors

English Majors

Geography and Environmental Studies Majors

History Majors

Languages and Cultures Majors

Philosophy Majors

Political Science Majors

Psychology Majors


Internship Information for Letters, Arts, and Science Minors:

     Ethnic Studies Minors

     Women's Studies Minors

Internship Information for Multicultural Students - Available through the office of Multicultural Affairs

Letters, Arts, and Sciences majors not listed above, may visit the Career Center, Main Hall 201, to view the binder and drawer of general internship information.