Career and Major Exploration

Unlock the Secrets to Career Success with help from the Career Center.  As we’ll all ultimately work 30 – 50 years, how do you make sure that what you CHOOSE to do is what you WANT to do?  Let us help you assess, discuss, explore and experience the choices you have for your major and for your career.  Here are some ways to begin:


·     Suit yourself – learn about yourself through assessment and career counseling

·     Explore – research, investigate and experience as many different occupations as you can

·     Analyze – compare and contrast your favorite occupations and majors, confirming how each might help you achieve your goals so you can get it all together

·     Adapt – accept that things change – you, the job market, the economy, your needs.  Understand you may have to change your direction at one time in your life.


View the Secrets to Career Success presentation for more details then take the steps you need to unlock your own secrets to career success!

"Bev is wonderful! She is attentive, helpful and truly cares about the students at UCCS. I think every student should check out the great resources she has available, both online and/or in person. She helped me with my résumé, my interview skills, and redirected my career path toward something I am really passionate about. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have a job lined-up before I graduate!"

-Jenn Watton, Communication major