About the Career Center


The Career Center at UCCS offers many services to our students and alumni/alumnae. We’re here to help our students navigate one of the biggest decisions of their lives—their career! From the moment they step onto campus, the Career Center can help put direction into the myriad of courses taken as well as help sort through all the recommendations made for a career that the student has ever heard. In addition, our professional development help doesn’t end when the student graduates from UCCS but continues throughout his/her career, even if the student has relocated. With all that we have to offer, it just makes sense to form a partnership with the Career Center early on.

            Early in your student’s college career, our career counselors can help your student complete assessment exercises that will pinpoint interests, abilities and values. We help students relate their majors to potential careers, even if they aren’t quite sure what that major will be just yet. It is perfectly acceptable to be undecided about a major, especially at the beginning of college. We encourage students to explore their areas of interest to gain a better understanding of what is entailed in a particular area, which may lead to several major changes before the final one is recognized.

            Because the job market is becoming more and more competitive, employers regularly look beyond the “degree” to an area of your student’s resume that showcases his/her experiential learning accomplishments. Internships and volunteer opportunities offer your student a chance to experience some hands-on learning and hone his/her skills. The Career Center offers an online job board with internship opportunities for students with a variety of interests, both locally and nationally. We are constantly searching for new and varied internship opportunities to offer our students and work with our employers to help select the best student for the position.

            The mechanics of a job search include having a great resume, interviewing well, networking with employer contacts and putting forth a professional attitude. The Career Center can help with all of those skills by offering resume-building tools and resume reviews, mock interviews and regularly scheduled career events.

            Sending your student to college is a time of transition for both parent and child. While you may feel that your influence is waning, our talks with students of all grade levels show that they still listen and value what their parents have to say. We want to help support your student as he/she embarks on the path to a brighter future and a great career and we welcome any questions you may have as to how your participation can enhance that process.