No Alcohol During College Recruiting Policy

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Career Center is a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the association for human resources and career services professionals.  As members, we abide by the Principles of Professional Conduct, an ethics document that serves as the framework and foundation for practices within the career planning, placement, and recruitment processes.

The Principles document tells us that serving alcohol to job candidates is inappropriate and inadvisable.  The principle states "Serving alcohol should not be part of the recruitment process."  That means, having an open bar, a paid bar, or holding a recruiting event in a bar is inappropriate.  Given the whole notion of alcohol abuse and the problems college campuses are having with alcohol among students, serving alcohol at a reception is sending the wrong message.  Further, many college students are younger than the state's drinking age, and many college campuses now have a zero-alcohol-tolerance policy in effect.  Therefore, serving alcohol could be in violation of a state's law and a school's policy.

This statement is intended to demonstrate the Career Center's support of the "No Alcohol in Campus Recruiting" policy.

If you would like to read the Principles of Professional Conduct document in its entirety, you can find it on NACE's website,, NACEWeb, at  If you would like to read the history of why this principle is included in the Principles document, you can read an article composed by the NACE Principles for Professional Conduct Committee on NACEWeb at

I would be happy to discuss this matter with you, and the staff of the Career Center hopes that you will also support the policy while recruiting on our campus.

Vanessa Ea

Career Center Coordinator