Focused Plan

Develop a Focused Plan

Career Fair

Once you are clear about your strengths, interests, and values and you've identified which careers you would like to pursue, you are ready to put together a career marketing plan. This will provide you with direction and keep you focused during your job search. Evaluate the following:

1) Professional objective: What are you looking for?
2) Positioning Statement: Describes your unique value in two to three sentences.
3) Competencies: What three or four categories can sum up your abilities?
4) Target Market: Identify the geographic area you prefer, industries, size of organization, and organizational culture.
5) Target List: Put together a list of the specific companies you are interested in.

Focused Plan example (DOC)

Target Market Resources: - Learn more about various industries. - Find industries with the largest employment and those projected to grow the fastest. - Magazine articles about what is current in your industry of choice - Provides information on companies, careers, industries and insider info.

Company Resources: - Enter types of companies you are looking for and the city and/or state, Example: "medical equipment and device companies + Colorado Springs, CO." - Find employers based on industry and location.

The following sites provide a summary of the company, competitors, financial records, annual reports, list of executive employees, and more.

Mergent Online

Reference USA

You can also find a list of local companies in the geographic location of interest. For example, the Chamber of Commerce for most cities provides a "membership directory" on its home page.

The Book of Lists is a periodical that can be found at most libraries. It provides listings of hundreds of the hottest area companies in their fields, by ranking.



After completing your indivudual focused plan, move on to Step four: Job Search.