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The current UCCS campus trails system can be enjoyed by anyone - the campus community and public. Over 13 miles of trail are available for those traveling by foot or bike on natural terrain of varying difficulty throughout the campus open space. Several trail segments connect to neighboring City of Colorado Spring’s Open Space trails and commuter routes. The UCCS trail system, currently in development, will provide opportunities for recreation and fitness, transportation and education.

Campus Recreation will provide updates and links to maps in the future as the trail system develops and information becomes available. Also check Campus Recreation’s Instagram page often for the most recent updates and developments:

Brief History

The first on-campus trail was developed in 1986 by the ROTC program, which ran along the bluffs ridgeline and included several fitness stations. Multiple social trails began forming as this trail was not maintained. In 2011, a geography honor’s student researched the existing conditions of the campus trails system for his honor’s thesis, while several other students assisted Professor Tom Huber in a soil erosion study on the bluffs and identified trails that were contributing to soil loss. The results were clear; high use has high impact on undesignated trails.

In 2012 the student supported increase in the student recreation fee, partially funding the Trails Program, and the formation of the Recreation Trails Committee positioned Trails as an important component of the 2012 UCCS Campus Master Plan, integrating natural resource preservation with the campus experience. Trails will ultimately, to quote the Campus Master Plan, “preserve a sense of place and develop the campus in a responsible and sustainable way.”

The Recreation Trails Committee hired consultants Tapis Associates in 2013 to assist in the creation of a Trails Micro Master Plan. This plan creates a long-term vision for the trail system in the campus open space, and identifies trail areas in need of closure and restoration. The Trails Micro Master Plan scheduled date of completion is April 2014.

For any questions or comments, contact Andrea Hassler, Trails Coordinator, at 719-255-7508 or ahassler@uccs.edu