Swim Lessons

The Campus Recreation swim lesson program serves children and adults of all ages and abilities. All instructors are UCCS students, certified by nationally recognized organizations to teach the fundamentals of water safety, stroke development and skill refinement. Swim lessons are either 30 or 45 minutes in length, 30 minute classes typically recommended for younger children. 

Description of swim lesson levels and skill development

Foundations 1
Participant is uncomfortable in the water, and will not put his/her face in the water. Participant has not yet mastered floating, and is unable to swim independently. Recommended for children aged 5-7.

Foundations 2
Participant has a high level of comfort and confidence in and around water. Participant can perform basic skills such as floating and swimming independently, but inconsistently so. Recommended for children aged 5-7.

Level 1
Participant has more developed motor skills than participants in Foundations 1 and 2. Participant will learn how to float independently on the front and back, glide, and motion the front crawl with alternating leg and arm action.

Level 2
Completion of Level 1 required. Participant will expand upon basic skills learned in Level 1, also now incorporating breathing while swimming the front crawl 3-5 yards, learn to swim the back crawl assisted, and tread water.

Level 3
Completion of Level 2 required. This level focuses on increasing endurance and improving stroke proficiency. Participant will perform front and back glides, learn rhythmic breathing, swim the front crawl 10-15 yards and swim the back crawl 10-15 yards. This level also introduces the butterfly motion.

Level 4
Completion of Level 3 required. This level focuses on stroke improvement for the front crawl and back crawl, and introduces the breastroke, butterfly, side stroke and open turns.

Level 5
Completion of Level 4 required. Participant will refine coordination and stroke technique for the front crawl, back crawl, breastroke, butterfly, side stroke and open turns. This level also introduces flip turns and surface dives.

Level 6
Completion of Level 5 required. Participants will now swim with greater power and efficiency. Improved endurance allows for greater distances over larger lengths of time. This level introduces fitness swimming etiquette, use of equipment for water exercise, and setting up a fitness swim program.


45-Minute Swim Lessons Student Fac/Staff/Alumni Non-Members
Private lessons each (1 instructor, 1 student) $15 $20 $25
Private lessons, 3-package $40 $50 $60
Private lessons, 10-package $120 $145 $160
Semi-private lesson each (1 instructor, 2 students, total price) $25 $35 $40
Semi-private lessons, 3-package               $40 $50 $65
Semi-private lessons, 10-package $120 $145 $165
30-minute Swim Lessons for Children 5+, or up to Level 2      
Private lessons, 10-package       $85 $115 $135

To sign up for swim lessons, complete the swim lesson registration form.

For any questions or comments related to the Aquatics program, please contact abiggs@uccs.edu.