Camp structure
Half and full-day camp options are available. Half day camp schedule is 7:30am – noon or 12:45pm – 5:15pm, full-day camp schedule 7:30am – 5:15pm. Campus Recreation will not provide snacks or lunch to campers. Half-day campers must bring a snack every day, full-day campers two snacks and a brown bag lunch every day.

Camp descriptions

Mountain Lion Adventures (ages 5-9 and ages 9-13)
This half- or full-day camp option allows children to develop physical and social skills by participating in a variety of age appropriate activities and organized sports. Daily activities include swimming, climbing, arts and crafts, teambuilding games and a theme-based educational session. The focus is on fun and entertainment in a non-competitive environment. Half-day campers must bring a snack every day, full-day campers two snacks and a brown bag lunch every day.

Mountain Lions in Motion (ages 5-9 and ages 9-13)
This half- or full day camp option’s focus is fitness and wellness, incorporating age appropriate structured physical activity, mind/body, aquatic and nutrition-based programs and educational sessions. Daily activities include swimming, arts and crafts, teambuilding games and a nutrition-based educational session. Fitness-based programs and activities offered throughout the week include yoga for kids, kickboxing, aqua running, Zumba® and a variety of challenge courses. Half-day campers must bring a snack every day, full-day campers two snacks and a brown bag lunch every day.

Outdoor Exploration (ages 5-9)
This full day camp allows children to gain an appreciation for exploring the great outdoors through educational activities and recreation. Campers will learn about the natural world through lessons on forests, waterways, animals and plants.  Lessons will coincide with field trips to local natural areas or wildlife centers. Outdoor Exploration campers must bring two snacks and a brown bag lunch every day. 

Outdoor Exploration (ages 10 and up)
This full day camp focuses on exploring the great outdoors to safely enjoy the natural beauty of Colorado. Activities include hiking, biking, rock climbing and rappelling throughout the region. Throughout the camp, education about the plants, animals, weather and other elements that shape the landscape will be provided. Field trips to local natural areas or wildlife centers will add to the experience of the week. Outdoor Exploration campers must bring two snacks and a brown bag lunch every day. 

German Soccer Adventure Camp (ages 5-13)
This full day camp is sponsored by UCCS in collaboration with Concordia Language Villages, Auf Ballhöhe, and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany. Germany has a strong soccer tradition, including winning three World Cups! German coaches will share this tradition with campers by engaging them in the same training German kids receive, and by introducing the campers playfully to the German language through activities and song. Children will be grouped by age and level of play. Each child will develop skills in dribbling, passing, heading, and shooting, ball control, foot work and changing direction. No experience with the German language required to participate.

Camp dates and age group divisions

June 9 – 13: Mountain Lion Adventures (10yrs-13yrs)
June 9 – 13: Mountain Lions in Motion (5yrs-9yrs)
June 23 – 27: Mountain Lion Adventures (5yrs-10yrs)
June 23 – 27: Mountain Lions in Motion (10yrs-13yrs)
July 21 – 25: Mountain Lion Adventures (10yrs-13yrs)
July 21 – 25: Mountain Lions in Motion (5yrs-9yrs)
July 21 – 25: Outdoor Exploration (5yrs-9yrs)
July 28 - Aug 1 German Soccer Camp (5yrs - 13yrs)
Aug 4 – 8: Mountain Lion Adventures (5yrs-10yrs)
Aug 4 – 8: Mountain Lions in Motion (10yrs-13yrs)
Aug 4 – 8: Outdoor Exploration (10yrs and up)


Camp schedule

7:30am Child drop-off and free play
8:00am Structured camp activities and sessions start
10:15am Snack
Noon Morning half-day campers parent pick-up starts
12:15pm Morning half-day camps end. Full-day campers lunch
12:20pm Late pick-up policy enforced
12:30pm Afternoon half-day camps parent drop-off starts
12:45pm Structured activities/sessions start for full-day and afternoon half-day campers
3:00pm Snack
5:00pm Parent pick-up starts
5:15pm Camp day officially ends
5:20pm Late pick-up policy enforced

Detailed daily camp schedules will be e-mailed to parents/guardians prior to the first day of camp.

Campus Recreation summer camp policies

Registration confirmation. Campus Recreation summer camp staff will confirm registration by contacting parents individually via e-mail. Registration is considered complete and registration confirmed when all of the below have been submitted:

Camp cancellation policy. If the minimum number of camp registrations has not been met, Campus Recreation reserves the right to cancel camp. Parents will be informed of the cancellation via e-mail the Tuesday prior to the first day of camp. In this case, a camper can transfer into any other camp, given that the new newly chosen camp is of the same duration than the canceled camp and an appropriate age group.

Camp change requests. Camp change requests must be made via e-mail, at latest, one week prior to the camp’s start. A $15 administrative fee will be charged in the case of camp change requests. Contact Mallory Price, Coordinator, at

Refund policy. If Campus Recreation cancels a camp due to low registration numbers, a full refund will be issued. If Campus Recreation canceled a camp due to low registration numbers, and a camper can’t attend an alternate camp week, a full refund will be issued. Other refund requests, subject to administrative costs, will be handled on an individual basis. Contact Mallory Price, Coordinator, at

Drop off and pick up times. The below are the only times parents or authorized parties can drop off or pick up campers. Special requests must be submitted, in writing, 24 hours prior to the requested time to Mallory Price, Coordinator, at

Half-day morning and full-day campers drop-off: 7:30am - 8:00am
Half-day morning campers pick-up: Noon - 12:15pm
Half-day afternoon campers drop off: 12:30pm - 12:45pm
Half-day afternoon and full-day campers pick-up: 5:00pm - 5:15pm

Picture ID required. Only registered and authorized parents and parties can pick up and drop off campers. Government issued picture ID must be presented at the time of pick up or drop-off. No exceptions.

Inclement weather. Summer camp staff will move planned outside activities and sessions indoors in case of inclement weather. If field trips are affected by inclement weather and can no longer take place, comparable programs and activities are planned. Refunds will not be issued if field trips are canceled.

Late pick-up policy. The late pick-up policy is in effect 5 minutes following the conclusion of camp. A $1 fee will be charged for every minute authorized parent or party is late. Fees are payable immediately upon arrival at the camp location.

Parent information

Camp location. UCCS Recreation Center, 1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Parking. The parking lot adjacent to the UCCS Recreation Center, Lot 8, is a contract lot. It is monitored and ticketed by UCCS Public Safety. Parents and authorized parties must park in the designated parking spots labeled “Summer Camp Drop-off” only. Failure to do so may result in a ticket, for which Campus Recreation will not be held responsible.

Check-in and check-out. A staffed check-in table will be located at the entrance of the UCCS Recreation Center A valid, government-issued ID is required to pick up and drop off campers. No exceptions.

Bring the following every day:

  • Swim suit and towel
  • Snack(s): half-day campers one snack, full-day campers two snacks
  • Lunch: full-day campers
  • Athletic clothing
  • Athletic, closed toe shoes
  • Backpack with extra clothing

Do not bring:

  • Toys or personal sports equipment
  • Any electronic devices, e.g. cell phones, iPods, DVD players, laptops, tablets, Nintendo, etc.
  • Weapons or toy renderings of weapons

Our commitment to safety. All camp, activity, instructor and lifeguard staff are experienced and trained in delivering programs and services to children. All are certified in First Aid, CPR and AED.

Child health and wellness. In the event of any of the following, we ask that you not bring your child(ren) to camp:
Fever of 100 Fahrenheit or higher
Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cold/flu symptoms
Unexplained rash
Exposure to communicable disease

Special Accommodations. Please contact Mallory Price, Coordinator, at

Camp fees

Half day camp, morning or afternoon $90
Full-day camp $180

Camp registration and payment

Print and fill out both forms below, a separate set of forms for each child. The deadline for registration is May 16th.

Campus Recreation accepts cash, check and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard). Please write checks to “UCCS Campus Recreation”.

Submit registration form, waiver and payment by

Snail mail:
Summer Camp Registration
Attn: Mallory Price
UCCS Recreation Center
1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

UCCS Recreation Center
1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway
Colorado Springs, CO 80918


Campus Recreation is currently seeking candidates for the position of summer camp mentor. Deadline to apply is March 14th, 2013. Visit our employment page for more information.