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Club Sports Handbook PDF Download


Officer Information

All the required officer forms are located at www.imleagues.com/uccs. To access forms:

  • Log into your IMLEAGUES account
  • Your name and photo is visible on the right of your home page. Below your name is a link “locker”
  • Click on “locker”
  • Click on “my forms”. A list of Club Sport forms will appear
  • Carefully read instructions and complete required forms

Additional information for officers is available in the Club Sports Handbook, link provided to the left of this page.

The Club Sports Program exclusively uses the online-based, user friendly IMLEAGUES for registration, scheduling and communication. All you need to start the registration process is your UCCS ID, so get started at:

Each Club Sport member and officer must create an account on IMLEAGUES at www.imleagues.com

Create an IMLEAGUES account

  • Visit www.imleagues.com/UCCS/Registration to set up your new account
  • As an alternate option, click on “create account with Facebook”. In this case, an UCCS e-mail account must be associated with the Facebook account
  • If utilizing the first option, complete the requested information, entering your UCCS e-mail address
  • Complete the process by clicking on “submit”
  • An activation e-mail will be sent to your UCCS e-mail address. Click on the link within the e-mail to log in and activate your IMLEAGUES account

Sign up for a Club Sport

  • Log into your IMLEAGUES account
  • Click on the “player sign up” option at the top right corner of the page
  • Click on “join team” at the top right of the user home page
  • You will see an option for “intramurals” or “clubs”. Select “clubs”
  • Choose the Club Sport you wish to join 
  • Choose the team you wish to join

For any questions or comments related to the Club Sports program, please contact sports@uccs.edu