Nutrition Analysis

A nutrition analysis empowers participants to make more informed decisions about their daily nutrition intake. The Nutrition program staff, all graduate or undergraduate nutrition majors at UCCS, will share valuable information about the composition of food and will provide participants with strategies to improve current eating habits, all to aid participants in their quest to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Nutrition program at Campus Recreation utilizes the ESHA software program, its data sources including the latest United States Dietary Association’s (USDA) Standard Reference database, manufacturer’s data and restaurant data.

Students, faculty/staff and alumni can upgrade any one of the following with a nutrition analysis for a nominal fee:

  • Group Fitness pass
  • Small Group Training class
  • Personal training sessions, with the purchase of 4 sessions
  • Team training
  • Specialized personal training sessions, with the purchase of  4 sessions

A nutrition analysis appointment consists of the following steps:

1. the participant requesting the service completes a 3-day weekday and 1 weekend day dietary intake, available at the link below:

Nutrition Analysis Dietary Intake Form

2. Submit the completed "Nutrition Analysis Dietary Intake Form" to

3. A nutrition program staff member will contact you within 3-5 business days to set up your nutrition analysis appointment. This appointment is approximately 60 minutes in length.

4. A nutrition program staff member will deliver the following at your appointment:

  • Completed recording of all food and liquid intake into ESHA software program
  • Print and provide an ESHA report summarizing submitted dietary intake
  • Provide strategies to improve current dietary intake
  • Accurately determine nutrient levels to help prevent vitamin and mineral deficiencies/excesses
  • Make general dietary recommendations to meet personal health and nutrition goals of the participant
  • Provide information regarding complementary services to help participants improve overall health

Please note the following:

Nutrition analysis services at Campus Recreation targets students, faculty/staff and alumni considered “healthy”. Participants with digestive, glandular and immune system imbalances will be referred to the Pikes Peak Nutrition Clinic. Visit the clinic at:

A nutrition analysis appointment is not intended to replace the advice of a physician or dietitian. Participants are encouraged to schedule regular visits with a physician and dietician.

Nutritional Educational Workshops

“Ask a Nutritionist” table
Ask the Campus Recreation nutrition staff any question you would like! Nutrition staff are all undergraduate or graduate level nutrition majors, and are here to aid students, faculty/staff and the UCCS community in their quest to lead a healthy lifestyle. Ask about our “Deal of the Day!”

Click here for this semester’s educational workshops schedule.

  Student Fac/Staff Alumni
Nutrition analysis only $30 $35 $35
One Nutrition analysis with purchase of Group Fitness pass $10 $15 $15
One Nutrition analysis with purchase of Small Group Training Class $10 $15 $15
One Nutrition analysis with purchase of Personal Training package $10 $15 $15




 For any questions or comments related to the Nutrition program, please e-mail