GES 4700: The Geography of Trails

Course offered: Spring 2015

Course dates: TBA

Course days: TBA

This academic course introduces students to the theory and practice of trails through understanding human-environment interactions. Students will explore the following through both classroom and field-based experiences:

* physical aspects of natural places as they relate to trail use

* layout, design trail construction, maintenance and environmental restoration

* the importance of recreation in instilling land ethic in society

* social concerns regarding trail uses, user groups

Course includes a series of service learning field days and group project. Group project themes and objectives include proposing and implementing a strategic outcome or priority from the UCCS Trails Micro Master Plan. Planning will begin during this summer course with design and implementation phases executed throughout the academic year. The design and implementation phases will provide opportunities for the UCCS community to be involved in the process.

For any questions or comments, contact Andrea Hassler, Trails Coordinator, at 719-255-7508 or