Bike Workshop

The bike workshop is a self-service workstation with two main goals; to educate the UCCS community on bike maintenance and repair, and to better prepare the cyclist for unexpected mechanical and repair issues. The bike shop is located in the Outdoor Center of the UCCS Recreation Center, and its use FREE.

SOLE staff is available at no cost during regular operational hours to assist with maintenance and repairs.

Free Bike shop services

  • Brake adjustment, without cables
  • Brake adjustment, with cables
  • Cables and housing replacement
  • Derailleur adjustment, without cables
  • Derailleur adjustment, with cables
  • Headset adjustment
  • Hub adjustment, front
  • Hub adjustment, rear
  • Tube or tire changes
  • Wheel true
For special requests, please contact the S.O.L.E. office at 719-255-7517 during open hours only.