Professional Development Grants

Faculty are invited to apply for UCCS ETHICS grants to support professional development that strengthens the ethical dimensions in business education and thereby contributes to the preparation of responsible business leaders . 

Funds are available for the following types of activities:

1.    Participation in online courses in teaching business ethics.
2.    Travel to attend academic conferences, workshops, or other development programs that are designed to develop and enhance the teaching of business ethics.

As a policy, UCCS ETHICS supports scholarly activities that have a significant ethics dimension. This includes presentations at academic or practitioner conferences, where the presentation incorporates a clear ethical component. The conditions of grants involving travel include adherence to UCCS travel policies, including approval of a travel authorization. Professional Development Grants will be for up to $1500 of documented expenses.

All proposals must include an explanation of "tangible outputs," e.g., conference proceedings, journal articles, 3-5 page summaries for circulation to faculty, which may include publishing the report in the our ethics knowledge portal.

Reporting of Results

After a grant is provided and the project completed, a report must be submitted to the ethics initiative office. The report should include a summary of accomplishments, a brief accounting of how grant funds were actually spent, and a copy of any proposal, manuscript, or other documents resulting from the event.

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