Curriculum Development Grants

Faculty is invited to submit applications for Curriculum Development Grants to strengthen the ethical dimensions in business education and thereby contribute to the preparation of responsible business leaders. Funds will be awarded for the following types of projects, listed in order of priority:

1. Identification and/or development of curriculum materials (cases, role-plays, debates, exercises, or other experiential learning modules) that will add ethical dimensions to an existing course or sequence.

2. Modification of existing course to add more ethical content.

3. Development of new departmental courses with an ethical focus.

4. Development of interdisciplinary courses with an ethical focus.

As the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative promotes Principle-based ethics, proposals that highlight this focus will receive first priority.

Applications should include the application form with a narrative proposal, two to five pages in length. The proposal should document the rationale for the curriculum project (need, objectives, impact) and discuss the content of the new/revised course.

Reporting of Results

After a grant is provided and the project completed, a report must be submitted to the Ethics Initiative office. The report should include a summary of accomplishments, a brief accounting of how grant funds were actually spent, and a copy of the syllabus for the new/revised course and/or any materials as part of the curriculum project. Materials will be shared with other UCCS faculty and consortium members.

Apply for Grant