Applied Scholarship Research

Faculty are invited to apply for UCCS ETHICS grants to support applied scholarship studies that strengthen the ethical dimensions in business education and thereby contribute to the preparation of responsible business leaders.

Application for other research relating to responsible management should be made through the College of Business Faculty Development Report.

As proposals for applied scholarship are reviewed, the first consideration in evaluating a project will be its relevance to teaching business ethics. You are urged to emphasize that aspect of the proposal.

All proposals must include an explanation of "tangible outputs," e.g., conference proceedings, journal articles, papers for a working paper series, 3-5 page summaries for circulation to business community, and/or publishing a report of best practices on our Ethics Website.

Reporting of Results

After a grant is provided and the project completed, a report must be submitted to the Ethics Initiative office. The report should include a summary of accomplishments, a brief accounting of how grant funds were actually spent, and a copy of any proposal, manuscript, or other document resulting from the project. Research projects will be included in our reports to PRME.

Apply for Grant