UCCS Ethics Curriculum

Instituting ethics into the UCCS curriculum is one of the core missions of the Ethics Initiative. Below is a list of current classes available at UCCS that focus on ethics and the effect that ethical behavior has on the business world, particularly in the realms of government , law and society.

BLAW 2000 - Business Law: 3 credit hours

A course that emphasizes the legal significance of business transactions as they are part of the decision making process in business. Coverage of text and statues includes law and its enforcement and integration of the Uniform Commercial Code with the law of contracts, bailment, warehouse men and carriers, documents of title, sales of goods, and commercial paper.


BUAD 4000 - Business, Government, Law, and Society: 3 credit hours

This course is an examination of interrelationships between business, society, and government and the legal significance of transactions in business decision-making processes.


BUAD 5600 - Business, Government, and Society:  3 credit hours

This course examines the interdependence of business within societal, governmental, and economic environments. In addition, it explores the role and balance of responsibilities between business and government, nature of the free market system, current public policy issues, and external trends affecting business.