2012 Conscious Capitalism Conference

University of Colorado Boulder, Main Campus
March 7, 2012
8:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
The Center for Education on Social Responsibility (CESR) at the Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado and ICOSA present
the 3rd annual Conscious Capitalism Conference.

The Conscious Capitalism Conference challenges the thinking and stimulates the creativity of great business leaders of tomorrow by exposure to great business leaders who have made values-driven choices today. Today's business students get it. They know that "business as usual" is not serving the society in which they will work and live, but they may not know how to effect change. Current business leaders must enable business students to learn how to fuse the fundamentals of capitalism with integrity, ethical standards and consideration of all stakeholders.

For further details go to: http://leeds.colorado.edu/cesr#consciouscapitalismconference or contact CESR (303-492-3324) cesr@colorado.edu

The UCCS Ethics Initiative will pay the registration fee for a limited number of UCCS College of Business students and faculty. If interested, please contact Liz Moore at emoore@uccs.edu by February 9, 2011.
A copy of the conference flier is available here:CCC 2012 Flier