The purpose of the College of Business Ethics Initiative is to instill ethical principles into the personal and organizational decision-making process of every member of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs community. This integrative learning environment will create leaders with integrity, capable of responsible global business management and conscious of the accountability inherent in corporate governance. Initiative activities will focus on four program areas:

1. Ethics (ethical decision-making, ethical leadership, organizational ethical programs)
2. Corporate Social Responsibility
3. Global Sustainability
4. Corporate Governance


The primary objective of the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative is the strengthening of principle-based ethics education throughout the business school, instilling a high standard of ethics in our young people. Instruction will include real-world practical application, be applicable to business world, and be relevant to the changing global environment. Expected outcomes include:

Student learning- through the development of a foundation ethics curriculum and the institution of an effective code of conduct

Involvement of the business community- through the implementation of service learning opportunities, the organization of a community partnership group, and the continued support of junior achievement and ethics award programs

Outreach to other educational institutions - through the continued dialogue with the other members of the Daniel's Ethics Consortium, a group of eight universities (including UCCS) who have made a commitment to the principle-based ethics practiced by Bill Daniels

Outreach to non-business disciplines on campus -by instituting cross-discipline initiatives, such as working with the geology department to tackle environmental issues, or the philosophy department to gain a broader understanding of the underlying philosophies inherent in modern business.