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2012 UCCS Sports/Outdoors Business Plan Competition

2012 Business Plan Competition OTC Tour The 2012 UCCS Sports/Outdoors Business Plan competition was a huge success!  We were delighted to have contest entries from around the United States.  All told, the top eight teams were invited to compete for the $20,000 Challenger Homes first prize.  These teams competed over two days at the headquarters of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) here in Colorado Springs.

The competition was held in late October and a few of our teams had to make their way through the season's first snowfall!  In the end the winning team from Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York presented Innovative Delivery Systems (IDS).  IDS is focused on developing an iPhone app that lets people order concessions from their seats at sports arenas.  The $10,000 second place award went to a team from Hamilton University in Washington, DC.  Their business, Golden Eye Recruiting, involves creating a web platform to enable high school athletes better to connect with college coaches, share videos and sports stats, and other things. 

Third place and $3,500 went to a team from the University of Michigan.  Their venture, AutoBike, has invented an automatic transmission, multi-speed bicycle.  Finally, the fourth place team from UCCS won $1,500.  The team is developing a venture they call Doggie Trainer.  The business provides healthy exercise routines to prevent obesity in pets.  

The event wrapped up with a banquet on Saturday, October 25 at the Mining Exchange Hotel in downtown Colorado Springs.  Olympic medalist Brandon Slay provided the keynote talk that recounted the parallels between Olympic success and business success.   

We are grateful to our sponsors for helping to make this event a success:  Challenger Homes, Sparks-Willson, and High Valley Land Company. 

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2012 Business Plan Winner, IDS
2012 1st Place Winner, Innovative
Delivery Systems (IDS)

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