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A professional alumnus or business community member who volunteers his or her time and expertise to help a current student develop her or her career. As a Career Coach, you will meet with one student once a month during the program (4 months). Students and Career Coaches are paired together based on industry of interest, and during your meetings, you will discuss with your student how to enter into the professional world, network, interview, craft a stand-out résumé, and what to expect in the "real world" of your particular industry. You and the student will be given resources to help you along the way.

In addition to meeting with your student once a month during the semester, you will also interact with and meet the other students and Career Coaches in the program during planned events, occurring once a month with the exception of January. 

  • TOURS - During the program, the entire group will tour several businesses around Colorado Springs, each giving a different perspective on various industries. These businesses will include: Colorado Springs Utilities (government enterprise), Epicentral Coworking (entrepreneurship and small business), and a large corporation. Lunch will be provided during these events. 
  • VOLUNTEER PROJECT - Students will engage in a volunteer project during the month of December. 
  • ETIQUETTE DINNER - Facilitated by one of our very own UCCS instructors, Jeanne Breisch, this evening event will feature a four-course, full-service meal. As you dine, you will learn proper dining etiquette - a must know in business! (Career Coaches always learn a lot, too!)
  • MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER EVENT - The final event will feature a local motivational speaker. A great way to end on a high note!

Please refer to the homepage for a schedule of events.

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In order to apply for this program, you need to either be an alumnus of the UCCS College of Business or a professional community member who is comfortable in a mentorship role. Currently, we prefer Career Coaches to live locally in order to have face-to-face interaction with their student (Skype is acceptable on occasion). In order to apply, please have your résumé and information pertaining to your skills and competencies ready, as this information will be used to pair you with a student.

Resources and guides will be given to you to use during your one-on-one meetings with your student; however, we encourage Career Coaches to impart their own experiences in developing a meaningful relationship and deepening the mentorship proceess.

Please note that though most Career Coaches will be accepted into the program, some applications may be kept for the following semester in the event no students express interest in your stated industry or capacity is bound by budgetary constraints.

Individuals and companies can sponsor a student at $250; however, you can support the program at any amount. To contribute, please send your gift to the CU Foundation via an online transaction or mailed check. Be sure to designate your gift to the "UCCS COB Alumni Program Fund." Donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your generosity!
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For more information on the program, please contact Samantha Bruner of the College of Business Alumni Relations Office at 719-255-5174 or

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Sydney Kozel"I applied for the Career Coaching program and was paired with a professional from the marketing field. Together, we worked on my resume, interviewing skills, and other professional development topics within the Career Coaching Workbook. With his expertise, I fully believe that my Coach had a hand in helping me get my first marketing internship. Having a mentor the last few months of my college career helped prepare me for my transition into the professional world. I went from having no business contacts and little confidence about what I wanted to do after graduation to taking my first real steps towards a career. I'm thankful that the College of Business gave me the opportunity to meet my Career Coach."
-Sydeny Kozel, '14 Graduate - Marketing

Anni Mezzofante"I would highly recommend the Career Coach Program for juniors and seniors with Business majors.  You gain insights into the industry you are interested in.  My mentor has helped me with gaining insights into the financial industry, which simply cannot be obtained from books alone.  Thanks to the Career Coach Program I have the beginnings of my professional network.  I look forward to staying in contact with him as my career begins and further into the future."
- Anni Mezzofante, '14 Graduate - Finance

Steven Pope" I joined the career coaching program, because I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself.  I wanted to network, and develop myself professionally.  My coach was Trevor, and throughout the program he mentored me and taught me many essential skills for the professional world.  With the skills I have learned throughout this program, I know that I'm ready for the professional world, ready to further myself.  Not only did I develop myself professionally, but I expanded my social circle as well, gaining many friends throughout this program.  I feel that I am well prepared to enter the professional world with the skills the program has given me, as well as the education I received at UCCS."
- Steven Pope, '14 Graduate - Finance and Economics

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