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Mark Hawkins, MBA 1986

Mark Hawkins
CFO and Executive Vice President, Autodesk
MBA in Finance, 1986


We were fortunate to catch up with Mark Hawkins, CFO and Executive Vice President at Autodesk, to find out where he is today after receiving his MBA in Finance from UCCS in 1986.

Only outstanding CFOs in the San Francisco Bay area are nominated for the Bay Area CFO of the Year award, and Mark Hawkins received such an honor this year as the CFO of Autodesk, an S&P 500 / NASDAQ 100 company. Referencing his time at UCCS, Mark says that his "degree has been extremely helpful" in helping him obtain executive-level leadership roles in several top U.S. companies.

Mark has had a long and impressive career in the technology industry beginning in the early 80s with Hewlett-Packard, a company that actually spurred the early development of the UCCS College of Business. After a near 20-year stint, Mark held several executive positions including WW Group Controller and Business Unit CFO. He left to pursue a position at Dell in 2000, a competing hardware and software developing company, where he served as VP of Finance over several divisions. Before he landed at his current position at Autodesk, he career took yet another turn, and he became CFO and Senior Vice President for NASDAQ 100 and Swiss Exchange Company, Logitech International S.A., in 2006.

Throughout his 30+ year career in the technology industry, Mark reveals that, "Being affiliated with and having the opportunity to significantly contribute to highly successful world class companies for three plus decades" is his proudest accomplishment. And given the capricious and unpredictable nature of the both the national and global economy, this truly is a feat.

In addition to his degree from UCCS, Mark also has a BS in Operations Management from Michigan State University (1981) and an Advancement Management Program degree from Harvard Business School (1999).

His advice to new graduates? "Success is never final. It is all about the future and making a positive impact and difference in every role you have."

He and his wife, Laura, and will celebrate their 32nd wedding anniversary this year. They have two sons, Matt and Dan, whom he greatly enjoys spending time with.  In terms of hobbies, Mark enjoys running marathons, having completed 11 including the Berlin marathon in 2012. He also qualified for the Boston marathon 11 times and is currently preparing for the Chicago marathon. Mark enjoys listening to all kinds of music and attending sporting events (especially the San Francisco Giants, and Green Bay Packers games).

*Autodesk is ranked as one of the top 15 independent software companies in the world and is a leader in 3D engineering software. The company's vision is to help designers "imagine, design and create a better world" using their software tools. This year, Autodesk was listed as one of the 10 best global multi-nationals in the world to work for and also been recognized as one of the 25 most innovative companies in the world. 

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