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Linda Christopherson, BS 1993

Linda Christopherson
Senior Level HR and Organizational Development Executive and Consultant
BS, Business Administration / HR, 1993

Her Career

Directly following her time at UCCS, Linda immediately pursued her MBA from Chapman University, receiving her diploma in November of 1994 and a few months prior to graduation she was selected as the National Outstanding Graduate Student by the SHRM Foundation. Thereafter, her career began to blossom with stints at Air Academy Credit Union (1994-1997), Sparks Willson Borges Brandt & Johnson Law Firm (1997-1999), Agilent Technologies (1999-2003), Agrium, Inc. (2007-2008), Versar International (2008-2010), and S.M. Stoller Corporation (2010-2012) where she maintained titles such as Director of Human Resources and Senior International HR Business Partner.

From 2003-2010, she had a unique opportunity to instruct for the University of New Haven for their Young Women’s Educational Program centered in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. During this time, she “taught 12 undergraduate business courses…resulting in over 20 young women obtaining their undergraduate business degrees.” This experience was extremely valuable not only because she was afforded the opportunity to work abroad, but also because she “worked with several of the young women as they began professional careers in philanthropy, equestrian, financial services, marketing and fashion.”

Today, she boasts 15 years of executive experience having defined organizational HR business strategies; applied innovative and cost effective human capital programs; and staffed, deployed, and created cohesive contingent workforces in continents around the globe including Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. She currently acts as a Senior Business Consultant with CHRIS Consulting, LLC, a company she owns and is based in Colorado Springs, CO. CHRIS Consulting, LLC exists to fill leadership, development, and entrepreneurial positions both locally and globally within industries such as construction, engineering, manufacturing, environmental, high-tech, financial services, government, and nonprofit. 

 Linda values the opportunity to give out of her own experiences and knowledge and has taught as an adjunct professor at Chapman University, Webster University, Naval Post Graduate School, and our very own University of Colorado Colorado Springs.

 Over the years, she has continued to broaden her own depth of knowledge by attending the Center for Creative Leadership, becoming a licensed broker in the State of Colorado, and obtaining her Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) Certificate, among others.

 In addition to her career pursuits, Linda has also been generous with her time having served on numerous nonprofit boards over the years. Organizations such as The American Red Cross, TESSA, and Celebrate Technology have all benefitted from her knowledge and service. She has also proudly served on other boards including: Intel Community Action Program, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the Rocky Mountain Technology Alliance, and others.


Her Time at UCCS

Linda was ambitious from the start. At the end of her undergraduate career, she was honored as the Outstanding HR Undergraduate Student and graduated magna cum laude. She recalls numerous professors who made a lasting and powerful impression on her career to come including Dr. Don Gardner, Dr. John Milliman, Dr. Venkat Reddy, and Dr. Pam Shockley-Zalabak.

 She recalls that, “Professors Dr. Don Gardner and Dr. John Milliman were instrumental in getting me interested the HR profession. They emphasized the importance of understanding the business as future HR professionals were being required to become more strategic and contribute at a higher level of involvement in critical business decisions.”

 “The first finance course I took at UCCS was taught by a new professor to the campus — Dr. Reddy. I passed his course as he was a very good professor. He was able it make it real and instill the importance of finance in business and everyday life. It does not surprise me that he is currently Dean of the College of Business.”

 Lastly, she recounts, “I had another excellent professor for Communications and Organizational Development – her name was Pam Shockley and she too is now serving in an expanded capacity as Chancellor of UCCS.  The development and growth of UCCS under her leadership has been remarkable.”

 When asked how UCCS influenced her career, she states, “UCCS gave me the tools and confidence to take some very unique challenges that were really excellent opportunities to make a positive difference in this world.” She also gives credit to UCCS for “providing her with networking opportunities and various associations that allowed her the ability to contribute and grow.”


Her Personal Accomplishments

Linda is proud to say that she has two grown children who both attended UCCS. Her daughter, Lisa, lives in Colorado Springs and graduated with a B.S. in Nursing from Bethel School of Nursing at UCCS.  She also obtained a Fine Art degree from Colorado State University. Her son, Justin, attended UCCS for a couple of years prior to moving to San Diego, CA and is scheduled to receive his Electrical Engineering degree from San Diego State University this spring.

 In her spare time, Linda enjoys getting together with friends, playing the piano and, contributing to her community.


Her Vision for the Future

Summing everything into two succinct statements, Linda is poignant when she says that her goals for the future include: (1) to keep learning so that she can continue to add value to those around her, and (2) to contribute and be positive.


Her Advice

When asked about what advice she would impart to new graduates, she stated, “Don’t underestimate the importance of teamwork and collaboration and how these actions can enhance the innovation process and create value. Be accountable and reliable and most importantly open to innovation and change.” And lastly, “Be real….basic core values are usually expected, respected and accepted across the globe.”


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