University of Colorado Colorado Springs: College of Business


Mission and Vision

Mike Fryt


The UCCS College of Business Alumni Association provides a valuable, lifelong connetion for our alumni, students, and the business community.


Impact Vision

The vision of the UCCS College of Business Alumni Association is a dynamic organization in which all College of Business alumni, those locally and around the globe and their partners within the College, will build collegial and professional ties and personal friendships. Through these connections alumni, students, faculty, staff, and administration will learn about the resources and visions of each other, creatively meld opportunities with capabilities and mutually benefit from the results. To connect Alumni with each other and those in the College of Business, the Association will create on-going networking activities and provide a web-based directory of participants and communication tool. Those in the Association will have opportunities to participate in mutually beneficial activities such as:

  • student mentoring
  • job placement and career fairs
  • educational opportunities for alumni in and out of the classroom and workplace (including guest lecturing, educational forums, workplace classrooms etc.)
  • research projects
  • financial aid
  • internships

The impact of the work of the Association will be felt beyond the traditional college boundaries, enhance the UCCS College of Business' reputation, create new business partnerships and inspire alma-mater pride.

Operational Vision

The COB Alumni Association will be led by a self-directed volunteer Leadership Team and sufficiently funded to be supported by capable College staff, administrative services and a large cadre of volunteers. Financial costs will be partially underwritten through grants from the UCCS and the College of Business, which will recognize the excellent return they receive on their investments into the Association. Alumni will actively volunteer in developing other necessary revenue to sustain the Association activities including individual voluntary gift development, sponsored activities, and supporting grant development efforts. Participants will also volunteer to plan and carry out the majority of Association activities and be accountable to the Leadership Team.

Adopted November 2008 / Modified September 2012

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