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Undergraduate Program Academic Policies

Undergraduate Academic Policies

Course Load
The normal scholastic load for a full-time undergraduate business student is 15 semester hours, 18 hours is the maximum during the fall/spring semesters and 12 hours in the summer session.  An approved College of Business Petition is required to take courses in excess of the stated maximum.

To apply for an undergraduate internship for academic credit, students must be in good academic standing in their junior or senior year, with a 2.5 Business GPA, 2.5 Emphasis GPA, and a 2.5 overall CU GPA. Additionally, students must have completed all skills courses and at least one emphasis course in the discipline in which they are applying for credit. Internships are 1-3 credit hours, pass/fail only, and may be used as open elective credit, business elective credit, or as area of emphasis credit (if internship credit is approved for the area of emphasis). Internships are approved through an application process obtained from the Internship and Career Placement Center. Students must apply prior to beginning their internship duties, and should register for credit during the semester in which the internship is being completed. A maximum of 6 credit hours of internship may be applied to a business degree.

Minimum grade requirements
All Business and LAS pre-Business students are required to attain a grade no lower than C- for all Skills Courses (ACCT 2010 & 2020, BUAD 3000, ECON 1010 & 2020, ENGL 1310 MATH 1040 & 1120, & QUAN 2010 & 2020), Junior Core Courses (FNCE 3050, INFS 3000, MKTG 3000, OPTM 3000 & MGMT 3300), Area of Emphasis/Major courses and Capstone courses (BUAD 4000 & 4500). Students may petition the College of Business to have one skills or junior core grade below C- accepted so long as the course is passed (a D grade is passing) and not in their major field of study and if the student has attempted the course at least twice and if the student has successfully passed subsequent courses that require the course in question as a prereq.  

Course Repetition
Repetition of College of Business course work is permitted only with prior permission from the College.

President and Dean's List Criteria
To qualify for semester honors, students must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 graded hours during a regular semester (Fall or Spring). Students who achieve a 3.75-3.99 grade point average will be placed on the Dean's List. Students who achieve a 4.0 grade point average will be placed on the President's List.
Online Courses and Program
The online program at UCCS follows the same format as our on campus classes - each course is offered in  the "regular" 16 week fall and spring semester format - the courses are not correspondence courses.  Students enrolled in the online program or in any online course are required to meet and follow all College of Business rules and policies that are in place for the College to include classroom attendance, honor code enforcement, student code of conduct, and classroom behavior guidelines. 

Probation and Suspension

Any College of Business and Administration student who has attempted 12 or more hours at any CU campus, and/or has attempted 12 or more hours of  College of Business coursework, shall be immediately placed on probation when their University of Colorado, Business and/or Semester Term GPA falls below a 2.0. 

Students may remain on probation so long as they achieve a minimum CU and Business GPA of 2.25 each semester and obtain no grades below a C-.

During their entire academic career in the College of Business and Administration a student may be on probation for a maximum of four semesters; probationary terms are not necessarily consecutive (summer shall be considered a semester only if any course work is attempted). Students on probation will have their registration blocked for subsequent semesters until grades are posted and minimum standards (2.25 term GPA and no grade below a C-) are achieved.

  • Failure to meet probationary provisions will result in Indefinite Suspension.
  • A student may be removed from probation when the cumulative University of Colorado GPA and/or the Business GPA have been raised to 2.0 or above.

Students placed on Indefinite Suspension are not eligible to enroll in College of Business and Administration courses at any University of Colorado campus for one calendar year from the time of their indefinite suspension.

A student who has been under indefinite suspension for one calendar year may apply for readmission to the College of Business and Administration.  The student must submit  the College of Business Petition and a formal letter for consideration for readmission to the College of Business. If readmitted, that readmission will be on a probationary status. After being readmitted under such probationary status, students who fail to comply with the requirements of their probation will be subject to Permanent Suspension.

Any student who is placed on suspension more than once will be placed on Permanent Suspension from the College of Business and Administration and may not attend any campus of the University of Colorado as a business student.

Students who have been on Indefinite Suspension at any time by the College of Business and Administration will automatically be placed on Permanent Suspension if their cumulative CU or Business GPA again falls below 2.0.

All suspended College of Business and Administration students who transfer into another degree program will not be eligible to enroll in ANY courses offered by the College of Business and Administration and will be subject to administrative drops. Suspended students who transfer into another degree program of the University are rarely readmitted to the College of Business and Administration, and then only by special consideration through petition to the College.

Registration and Enrollment Status

Prerequisites as listed for individual courses in the Course Description section of the current catalog are enforced for all students. In addition, College of Business students should complete all Skills Courses (with a grade of C- or better) prior to enrolling in the Junior Core and Emphasis classes. Priority for registration in business classes is given to business degree students. Students uncertain about eligibility for enrollment in a business course should contact the Student Success Center at (719) 255-3260 or Students enrolled in one section of a business course while attending a different section will receive a final grade of F for nonattendance. Students attending business classes for which they are not enrolled will not be added after the add period is over without the approval of the instructor and the Dean of the College of Business.

Transfer Credit-Undergraduate

Business Courses
The College will limit transfer credit for business courses taken at a lower division level to such courses as the College offers at that level. A maximum of 60 semester hours of credit may be accepted from a community or junior college.

Student transfer agreements between the UCCS College of Business and Administration and the two-year public institutions in the Colorado system of higher education have been established and may be accessed through the advising offices of each institution. The College adheres to the Business Statewide Articulation Agreement. This agreement varies depending on the student's specific catalog year.

Information systems courses older than five years will not transfer toward any Bachelor's of Science Business degree requirement, but those course credits can be applied towards open elective requirements.

Accounting courses in transfer need to be current (less than 10 years old).

Current business students who wish to take course work at another institution or another campus of the University of Colorado and apply the work toward the degree must have the prior approval from the College via a College of Business Petition.

Correspondence Credit
Area of emphasis courses may not be taken by correspondence. All correspondence courses are evaluated to determine their acceptability. Approval for degree credit is required prior to registration.

Credit by Examination
See the Admissions section of this catalog for information about Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and College Level Examination Program (CLEP) credit.

ROTC Credit
Students who complete the ROTC program may apply a maximum of 11 hours of advanced ROTC credit toward Area Elective requirements for the business degree. Students must be enrolled as official ROTC students in order to receive degree credit for ROTC courses. The ROTC advisor can provide more detailed information.

Graduation Requirements

Each candidate for the Bachelor of Science-Business degree in the Professional Program must complete the prescribed courses in an area of emphasis comprising a minimum of 18 semester hours taken at UCCS. A minimum CU GPA of 2.5, with no grade below a C- is required for all business courses including Skills Courses, Junior Core, BUAD 4000 & 4500, and Emphasis Courses, as is a 2.0 overall CU GPA. Students who graduate with area of emphasis and/or business grade point averages from 2.0 to 2.49 will not earn a Professional Area of Emphasis and will graduate as General Business majors.

Degree Credit: To be considered for the degree, students must report all academic credentials to the Office of Admissions and Records, and credentials must appear on the student's official University of Colorado transcript. Credit listed on these documents is then evaluated by the appropriate College of Business and Administration advising office for degree applicability.

Senior Audit: By the beginning of the first semester of their senior year, students must schedule a senior audit with a business academic advisor to determine status with respect to graduation requirements. At this time, students are required to file a diploma card giving notice of intention to complete graduation requirements. Failure to complete the senior audit in a timely manner may delay a student's graduation.

Commencement: Students seeking to participate in commencement and other academic ceremonies will need to complete ALL academic requirements in advance. Participation in academic ceremonies that recognize or honor students for the completion of an academic program or specific academic accomplishment is based on the understanding that all requirements have been completed. Every effort will be made to determine eligibility in advance, and only students who have met requirements will be permitted to participate.

Latin Honors: Upon recommendation of the faculty, undergraduate students who demonstrate superior scholarship are given special recognition at graduation. To qualify for Latin Honors, students must have a minimum of 60 hours at the University of Colorado. Students must achieve an overall CU grade point average of 3.7 and a grade point average of 3.9 in all business courses taken at the University of Colorado to be considered for summa cum laude. Those who achieve an overall CU grade point average of 3.5 and a grade point average of 3.7 in all business courses taken at the University of Colorado will be considered for magna cum laude. An overall CU grade point average of 3.3 and a business course average of 3.5 qualify a student to be considered for cum laude.

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