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UCCS PGA Golf Management Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can I play on the UCCS Golf Team and be in the PGA Golf Management Program?

A:  Yes, our program is dedicated to assisting you achieving your goals and dreams in professional golf, and we know that some want to play competitively.  It is possible for those who have outstanding playing ability and who possess great time management skills, organization and flexibility. Those interested in participating should realize that the UCCS men's team is consistently ranked among the very best in NCAA Division II. All Mountain Lion golfers have zero or plus handicaps and the coach has many applications from all over the country - only a very few have the opportunity to play.  UCCS has recently created a women's team as well.

Q: What College of Business Areas of Emphasis can I combine with the PGA Golf Management Program?

A:  Any of our Areas of Emphasis can be combined with the PGA Golf Management option. This includes Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Human Resources Management, Information Systems, International Business, Marketing, Management, Service Management, or Sport Management.

Q:  Can I complete this program online?

A:  No, the UCCS PGA Golf Management Program can be completed only through full-time enrollment in on-campus courses along with 16 months of full-time internships away from campus.  It is not available to part-time or online students, although certain university courses may be completed in an online format. It is also not recommended for students who have full-time employment because the PGM classes are taught during the day and the internships are themselves full-time employment. Each student belongs to a cohort that progresses through the curriculum, PGA testing, and internships and graduates together. 

Q:  Do you offer scholarships?

A:  Yes.  However, scholarships offered by the program are generally available only to students who have completed one year or more. For information about university-supplied scholarships and aid, please visit

Q:  What happens on the internships?

A:  There are several objectives for the internships. One is to provide on-the-job experience that allows students to fully understand and to apply what they're being taught in the classroom. Another is to gain experience in seeking and obtaining employment.  A third is to develop work habits and skills that will last a lifetime.  A fourth is to gain access to a network of potential employers and colleagues. A fifth is to develop a strong résumé that will open doors throughout their careers.

Q: Are internships paid?

A:  Yes, the PGA's accreditation standards mandate that all interns must be paid.  The hourly rate and gratuities vary according to the facility, and additional benefits may be provided by the site in the form of meals, uniforms, and course access.

Q: Can I be admitted to the UCCS PGA Golf Management Program as a transfer student?

A:  Yes, transfer students from all backgrounds who meet entrance requirements for both UCCS and the Program can be admitted.  Typically, more than 30-40% of our incoming students are transfer students.  However, there are limits on the number of transfer hours that can be applied against the specialized curriculum.  In addition, each student must be in residence on campus for at least six semesters in order to complete the PGA training and testing courses.

Q:  Will I be able to develop my golf skills while in this program?

A:  Yes!  Indeed, all students of all abilities are expected to improve their skills while in the program.  To assist them, a special PGM Program fee for each semester provides two lessons with any of nearly 20 qualified PGA-qualified instructors in the Pikes Peak region and a membership at the challenging Pine Creek Golf Club that provides unlimited play and practice.  In addition, the PGM Student Society conducts 12 to 15 tournaments throughout the year to help students prepare for the PAT and to enjoy the competition with their fellow PGA Golf Management students.

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