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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for classes?

Registration for courses is done via the Student Portal.  For instructions on how to log in and navigate the Student Portal, click here.

What is DARS?

DARS is the Degree Audit Reporting System.  It is a tool that can help you keep track of your degree progress online and in real time.  Click here for information about how to access and read your DARS report.

How do I check my UCCS email?

Email is the official form of communication for UCCS and the College of Business.  The email system in place for students is webmail.  Log in to webmail with your UCCS username and password.  If you need assistance logging in, contact the IT Help Desk

Why can't I register for one of my business classes?

The College of Business strictly enforces prerequisites for courses.  If you are having trouble registering for a particular business course, you most likely do not meet the prerequisites required to take the course.  If you have questions about the prerequisites that are required for a course, please contact your academic advisor.

How do I drop a course?

Students can drop a course online using the student portal up until the census date of any given semester or up until the census date of a specific course (courses that are interim or short courses have different census dates based on how many days the course meets).

After the census date, students must submit a manual ADD/DROP form with the appropriate, required signatures for processing.  The ADD/DROP form is available through the Registrar's Office.

How do I contact an instructor/professor?

The campus has an online directory that lists all full time faculty and staff.

The College of Business also maintains an online list of all faculty, lecturers and staff.

How do I get an internship?

The College of Business highly recommends business students pursue an internship in their chosen field. Student interns typically begin their junior year, and can receive credit while working in small, medium, and large organizations in all industries of public, non-profit, and government. Internships provide tremendous academic and professional development opportunities, with over 95 percent of employers considering the experience as a major factor in their hiring decisions.

For internship opportunities contact Lisanne McNew at

What is the lowest grade allowed in the College of Business?

In most cases the lowest grade that counts towards the Bachelor of Science in Business degree requirements is a C-.  All Skills Courses, Junior Core Courses, Emphasis Courses and Senior Capstone Courses require a C- grade in order for the course to count towards the degree. 

What is my degree?

You are earning a Bachelor of Science in Business degree.  This is what will be printed on your diploma.

When do I need to complete my Senior Audit?

Senior audits should be scheduled the semester before you intend to graduate.  If you will be out on internship during your last semester(s), then your senior audit should be completed the last semester that you will be "on-campus."  You can schedule your Senior Audit by calling 719-255-3260 and scheduling a Senior Audit appointment with your academic advisor. 

What is the Senior Audit?

The Senior Audit is your last check out before you graduate.  It is an appointment to make sure that you have and will complete all the necessary degree requirements to earn your Bachelor of Science in Business degree.

What is the Writing Portfolio?

All UCCS students must complete a three-part English writing requirement before graduating. This requirement can be fulfilled in two ways: 1. Students complete three writing courses (one being an upper division writing course) or 2. Students complete two writing courses and pass a Writing Competency Portfolio (submitted to the Writing Program for review). Students who do not pass the Writing Competency Portfolio are required to complete an additional 3000+ level writing course before they can graduate.
Business students complete ENGL 1310, ENGL 2080 and the Writing Competency Portfolio or an additional upper division writing course. This is a junior year requirement and must be completed in the junior year to ensure graduating on schedule. Specific questins should be addressed to the Writing Program Office.

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