University of Colorado Colorado Springs: College of Business


Undergraduate Academic Advising

Here at UCCS, our academic advisors will help you stay on track, taking the right courses at the right time to finish your degree.

Two academic advisors work specifically with College of Business students:

Heather Neilan ( sees students with the last name A - K.

Whitney Porter ( see students with the last name L - Z.

Academic advising is located in the Student Success Center in Main Hall Room 208.   The Student Success Center truly wants you to succeed and will do whatever it can to help you along that path.   The primary goal of academic advising is to help you stay on track toward achieving your business degree, and they offer a wide variety of tools to help you on your academic journey.

If you are thinking of changing your major or do not know which major to choose, we have advisors and a Career Center to help you with your decision.

For more information please visit the Student Success website.


What can an academic advisor help you with?

  • Planning schedules and picking classes
  • Planning future semesters to keep on track
  • Understanding your Degree Progress Report and requirements
  • Learning about new majors or minors
  • Adding or dropping classes
  • Academic problem solving
  • Navigating the UCCS processes
  • Faculty liaison (we'll help you talk to your professors and department chairs)
  • Graduation progress/requirements

What can you expect from your advisor? 

  • Assistance in preparing an accurate plan of study and course schedules
  • Informing you of relevant alternatives, limitations, and potential consequences of academic decisions, but allowing you to make your own choices
  • Encouraging you to be responsible for your own academic progress
  • Demonstrating, explaining, and clarifying the function of your DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System) Report
  • Being available through scheduled appointments, email or walk-in visits
  • Providing you with information about educational opportunities outside the classroom
  • Understanding and effectively communicating the curriculum, graduation requirements, and college policies and procedures
  • Assisting you in gaining decision making skills and assuming responsibility for your educational plans and achievements
  • Maintaining confidentiality

What is expected of you?

  • Scheduling and attending regular appointments or contacts with your advisor each semester or at least once per year
  • Maintaining your own personal academic advising and career planning file
  • Being responsible for your decisions and actions
  • Learning the requirements for your degree and the university policies and procedures by reading the UCCS catalog
  • Checking your UCCS email regularly
  • Being involved in the advising process by being prepared to discuss your goals and educational plans and asking questions if you do not understand something.
  • Providing your advisor with accurate information regarding your interests, abilities, current academic status, and relevant personal information

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