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Bachelor of Science in Business

Our Bachelor of Science in Business degree provides you with core business knowledge and skills. You can choose to specialize in professional areas by selecting an Area of Emphasis, including accounting, finance, human resources management, information systems and more!  Learn more about our areas of emphasis.Dr. Ying Fan with students

Our program is selective, and you must meet certain minimum requirements to be admitted to the College of Business.  If you do not meet the requirements, we may recommend that you apply to the College of  Letters, Arts, and Sciences with a pre-business designation.  Once you meet the minimum requirements for the College of Business, you will be fully admitted into the College as a business major.

You will need 120 credit hours to earn your Bachelor of Science in Business degree from UCCS with a minimum of 45 hours of upper-level course work (3000-4000 level courses).  You may apply a maximum of 60 semester hours of appropriate academic credit taken at a junior or community college.  The College reserves the right to determine which credit is appropriate credit to apply to your baccalaureate degree.

Candidates for the Bachelor of Science in Business must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours of coursework as a business student at UCCS to include 18 hours in the Area of Emphasis and BUAD 4000 and 4500, which are our capstone courses.

To see the details of the undergraduate degree program, download the 2014-2015 Model Degree Program.

You will follow the business program/catalog/model degree plan that is in effect at the time you are admitted to the College of Business (or to the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences with a pre-business designation).  If you are a transfer student from the Colorado Community Colleges, you may follow the program requirements in effect during the academic year you begin your study at the community college if you complete your Associate of Arts Business degree.

With our online degree completion option, you have the flexibility to complete your Bachelor of Science in Business degree online.  Take one class or up to two years of upper level business courses.  Download the Degree Completion Model Degree Program.

Business majors may choose a minor in a business topic or in another discipline.  Non-business majors may choose a business minor.  Learn more about minors.

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