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Sylvester is an Adjunct Professor of Organizational Leadership in the UCCS College of Business. He earned an EdD in Educational Leadership from Seattle University and an MS in Organizational Development from Pacific Lutheran University. Sylvester is president of Organization Strategy Institute, Inc a consulting firm that concentrates on executive leadership, organizational and sales negotiations, influence strategies, effective meetings, change management, conflict management, and board development. Sylvester has worked internationally in over 30 countries. A seasoned author or professional development and executive learning documents and seminars, some of his most notable clients include Microsoft, Boeing Commercial Airplane Company, Google, Washington Mutual Bank, U.S. Generating/Edison Electric, Viacom Communications, Chrysler Corporation, the National Collegiate Athletic Association, the National Basketball Association, and the National Football League.


Charlene BoudreauCHARLENE BOUDREAU, MBA                                  2012 PROGRAM HOST

Boudreau is the Associate Director of Sport Management and Manager of Professional Programs for Business in Sport and the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. She earned an MA in Exercise Science from Indiana State University and an MBA in Marketing & Service Management from the UCCS College of Business. Boudreau has delivered over 150 executive-style lectures and training workshops to national and international audiences, including multiple U.S. Olympic Teams, the World Sports Medicine Congress, University of East London Royal Docks Business School and the International Coaching Enrichment Certification Program. As owner and consultant for CHAR Solutions LLC, Boudreau specializes in helping sports groups and stakeholders establish mission, vision and strategic direction and articulating performance-based return on investment. She develops and advises on strategic initiatives and quadrennial plans in small business, public non-profit, academic, national federation and other Olympic sport environments. Boudreau has authored, co-authored or edited over 70 science and business columns, articles and chapters for a variety of magazines, newsletters, websites, books and peer-reviewed journals. She has been working with national sports federations since 1996 and has supported over 35 national-level championships, Games and Olympic Trials events. She is currently training for her fourth Ironman triathlon.

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