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MBA in Project Management (Online)

12 hours (4 classes) +3 hours (1 course) electives

Companies are turning to a project structure to manage the increasingly complex, cross-functional tasks present in today's business climate. As the number of both successful and unsuccessful projects continue to grow, the impact of project management on an organization is more visible. Students completing this area of emphasis can expect to master traditional project management skills and be prepared to manage in complex project environments with a global reach.

MBA students pursuing the Project Management emphasis complete four (4) courses in their area of emphasis beyond core courses plus one (1) business elective selected from another area of emphasis.

Course Number (Online)

Course Title

OPTM 6300/6390

Managing Projects for Competitive Advantage

OPTM 6490

Virtual Team Skills for Project Management (formerly Organizational Skills for Project Management)

OPTM 6590

Project Estimation & Risk Management

OPTM 6690

Bridging Strategy & Tactics in Project Management

In addition to the four (4) courses above, students take one (1) elective course selected from another area of emphasis within the College of Business.

Course Number

Course Title

Elective 1

Graduate business elective of your choice

Course Descriptions

OPTM 6300/6390 Managing Projects for Competitive Advantage
Covers the fundamental project management topics necessary for implementation of and excellence in project management. Emphasis will be from a management perspective that addresses the basic nature of managing projects for business, information systems and the public. Students will deal with the problems of selecting projects and initiating them and operating and controlling them. Also covered are the issues associated with terminating a project and with conducting a project that involves what project managers like to call the "real world." Prerequisites, ACCT 5500/5590 & QUAN 5500/5590.

OPTM 6490 Virtual Team Skills for Project Management
Students learn both theory and practice of virtual teamwork. Students learn how to adapt communication media to achieve management goals both inside and outside the team. Additionally, the course emphasizes the need to develop human resources as capital and intellectual assets to effectively manage project within a dynamic organization. Prerequisite, OPTM 6300/6390, or any 6000 level MBA course, or Instructor's Approval.

OPTM 6590 Project Estimation and Risk Management
Management of successful projects includes estimation and proactive risk management in areas of project scope, cost, resource allocation, schedule, and financial planning. Uncertainty is reduced when project risks, both technical and nontechnical, are identified, quantified, and mitigation strategies implemented. Included will be tools, techniques, and methodologies commonly used by successful project managers. Prerequisite, OPTM 6300/6390.

OPTM 6690 Bridging Strategy and Tactics in Project Management
Managers of project managers operate in the broad context of a business, unlike project managers who generally need to complete a project on time, within budget and within quality constraints. This course covers a broad range of topics including strategic projects, multiple projects, motivating project managers, project assessment, portfolio management, project offices, and maturity monitoring. Prerequisite, OPTM 6300/6390.

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I was so glad and grateful that UCCS offers the Project Management emphasis. This allowed me to further my education by aligning it with my job experience. This emphasis which deepened my Project Management skill set is taught by highly-skilled Project Managers with industry experience.

The MBA program is a tremendous program. The insights and ideas shared by thought leaders are fantastic. It is impressive how this on-line emphasis is conducted with a variety of exercises to allow networking, virtual and group projects. I know that there are more opportunities for me having completed this program. I strongly recommend this program and emphasis.

Kris Everett
Northrop Grumman
MBA 2009

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