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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

MBA in Operations Management (Campus)

9 hours (3 classes) + 6 hours (2 classes) electives

Both tangible products and services require effective process technology management. In the past few decades, changes have revolutionized how products are manufactured. Total quality management has become a major focus of most contemporary manufacturing organizations. MBA students completing this emphasis will be prepared to seek positions in manufacturing in virtually all industries.

MBA students pursuing the Operations Management emphasis complete three (3) courses in their area of emphasis beyond core courses plus two (2) hours selected business electives from other areas of emphasis.

Course Number (Campus/Online)

Course Title

BUAD 6700/6790

Service Management

OPTM 6100

Customer-Focused Process: Quality Management & Metrics

OPTM 6200

Global Supply Chain Management

OPTM 6300/6390

Managing Projects for Competitive Advantage

In addition to the three (3) courses chosen from above, students take two (2) elective courses selected from other areas of emphasis or electives within the College of Business.

Course Number

Course Title

Elective 1

Graduate business elective of your choice

Elective 2

Graduate business elective of your choice

Course Descriptions

BUAD 6700/6790 - Service Management
Effective service management requires a multi-disciplinary approach involving marketing, management, human resource management, and information and production/operations management. This course provides a foundation in these areas as they pertain to service management. Content for each area will include a conceptual overview of its importance to service quality, specific tools representative of the area, and exercises to demonstrate practical application. The focus is on the integrative requirements of service quality.

OPTM 6100 - Customer-Focused Process: Quality Management and Metrics
Customer satisfaction provides the critical link of operations to the marketplace. This course examines service and manufacturing processes and their impact on quality. Students are provided with tools to document processes, diagnose problems, develop innovative process improvement solutions, and design metrics for process analysis. Through strategic quality management programs and techniques, students will develop an understanding of the critical link between productive systems and success in the marketplace. Prerequisites: OPTM 6000/6090.

OPTM 6200 - Global Supply Chain Management
As companies seek to provide their products and services to customers faster, cheaper, and better than the competition, the need for cooperation between suppliers, manufacturers, and markets becomes increasingly important. This course addresses the strategic implications of an integrated supply chain and the management of functional activities required to make a supply chain successful. This course develops the integration of functional activities within the company and between supply chain partners with the help of textbooks, cases, and selected readings. Prerequisites: OPTM 6000/6090.

OPTM 6300 - Managing Projects for Competitive Advantage.
Covers the fundamental project management topics necessary for implementation of and excellence in project management. Emphasis will be from a management perspective that addresses the basic nature of managing projects for business, information systems and the public. Students will deal with the problems of selecting projects, initiating them, operating them and controlling them. Also covered are the issues associated with terminating a project and with conducting a project that involves what project managers like to call the 'real world'. Prerequisites: ACCT 5500/5590 and QUAN 5500/5590 (may be taken concurrently).

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