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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

MBA in Marketing (Campus & Online)

9 hours (3 classes) + 6 hours (2 classes) electives

An effective marketing program is necessary to the success of any business organization-without the revenues driven by the marketing activities, the organization would cease to exist. Through the marketing efforts of a firm, products and services are designed and delivered that maximize customer value and satisfaction. MBA students choosing the Marketing Area of Emphasis may find exciting careers in such diverse fields as product management, professional selling, customer management and support, advertising and promotions, marketing research, and e-commerce. The marketing curriculum is designed to give the MBA student hands-on marketing experience through applied classes and projects.

Students concentrating on the Marketing emphasis complete three (3) courses in their area of emphasis beyond core courses plus two (2) courses selected business electives from other areas of emphasis.

Course Number (Campus/Online)

Course Title

MKTG 6300/6390

Marketing Analytics (formerly Marketing Research)

MKTG 6400

Service Marketing

MKTG 6500/6590

Integrated Marketing Communications

MKTG 6700

Internet Marketing & Social Media

MKTG 6900/6990

International Marketing & Export Management

In addition to the three (3) courses chosen from above, students take two (2) elective courses selected from other Areas of Emphasis or electives within the College of Business.

Course Number

Course Title

Elective 1

Graduate business elective of your choice

Elective 2

Graduate business elective of your choice

Course Descriptions

MKTG 6300/6390 - Marketing Analytics
Emphasis on hands-on experience using statistical models to address marketing and other business problems. Prerequisites: QUAN 5500/5590 and MKTG 6000/6090 or OPTM 6000/6090.

MKTG 6400 - Service Marketing
This course builds and expands on the introductory marketing course by showing adaptations and applications of marketing ideas to the service setting. The service component of business requires a distinct approach to marketing strategy in both design and execution. This course focuses on the drivers of customer value and the unique challenges presented by services. Topics include the services marketing mix, customer expectations and satisfaction, service quality dimensions, service design, internal marketing and planning for services.

MKTG 6500/6590 - Integrated Marketing Communications
Theories of communication and buyer behavior are applied to the process of communicating with critical constituencies. The emphasis is on the practical aspects of creating and managing effective marketing communication programs with special attention being placed on integrated marketing communications. Prerequisites: MKTG 6000/6090.

MKTG 6700 - Internet Marketing & Social Media
The focus of this class is on the expanding role of e-commerce (electronic commerce) in contemporary business settings. Both consumer oriented and business-to-business aspects of e-commerce will be explored.

MKTG 6900/6990 - International Marketing and Export Management
Provides an overview of international marketing issues. It provides detailed analysis of each marketing mix element from a global perspective. Special emphasis is placed on managing the export function, how cultural differences impact marketing strategies and tactics, and on international marketing ethics. Prerequisites: MKTG 6000/6090.

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