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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

MBA in Innovation Management (Campus & Online)

9 hours (3 classes) + 6 hours (2 classes) electives

Innovation has become a critical driver of business success in today's economy. Innovation can be defined as successfully implementing a new idea in an organization. An innovation can be based on new technology, but it can also simply be a new way of doing something. Innovation can take place anywhere -- in new start-up firms, established corporations, or nonprofit organizations. Students completing the Innovation Management emphasis will learn how to manage the process of innovation to create value in their organizations through new products, new processes, or new business models.

Innovation Management students complete three (3) courses in their area of emphasis beyond core courses plus two (2) electives selected from other areas of emphasis.

Course Number (Campus/Online)

Course Title

BUAD 6610/6690

Managing Innovation for Strategic Advantage

BUAD 6710/6490

Transforming Technology Organizations & Employees

BUAD 6800/6890

Entrepreneurship & New Ventures

OPTM 6300/6390

Managing Projects for Competitive Advantage

In addition to the three (3) courses chosen from above, students take two (2) elective courses selected from other Areas of Emphasis or electives within the College of Business.

Course Number (Campus/Online)

Course Title

Elective 1

Graduate business elective of your choice

Elective 2

Graduate business elective of your choice

Course Descriptions

BUAD 6610/6690 - Managing Innovation for Strategic Advantage.
This course provides managers with the knowledge necessary to use innovation to advance an organization's strategic goals. The course is divided into three segments: (1) the industry dynamics of technological innovation, (2) developing an innovation strategy, and (3) implementing an innovation strategy.

BUAD 6710 - Transforming Technology Organizations and Employees.
Addresses three major issues facing technology organizations today: (1) how to design the technology-based organizations of the future, (2) what methods to use for motivating technical people, and (3) how to initiate change that implements innovative design principles and management practices. Academic theory will be linked to practical examples of best practices in global technology organizations and work forces.

BUAD 6800 - Entrepreneurship and New Ventures.
Identifies unique features of new ventures (including start-up companies or internal ventures of established firms), high uncertainty, a newly formed management team, and a shortage of resources. Covers business plan development, recruiting the start-up team, legal and financial issues, start-up operations, managing growth, forming alliances, and exit strategies. Students working in teams will develop a business plan for a new venture.

OPTM 6300 - Managing Projects for Competitive Advantage.
Covers the fundamental project management topics necessary for implementation of and excellence in project management. Emphasis will be from a management perspective that addresses the basic nature of managing projects for business, information systems and the public. Students will deal with the problems of selecting projects, initiating them, operating them and controlling them. Also covered are the issues associated with terminating a project and with conducting a project that involves what project managers like to call the 'real world'. Prerequisites: ACCT 5500/5590 and QUAN 5500/5590 (may be taken concurrently).

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Martin Kristiseter BS 2003, MBA 2004
Martin Kristiseter of Marketron believes his UCCS MBA gave him the knowledge to launch his successful technology company.

"I found exactly what I was looking for in a degree program when I found UCCS. I knew I wanted a quality education with small classes and a lot of opportunity to connect with my professors. That's just what I got at the UCCS College of Business.

My entrepreneurship class got me thinking about starting my own business, and I developed the plan for my first company, a mobile advertising company names mSnap, as a project for that class. Using what I learned in my MBA program and with the encouragement of my professors, I put the plan into motion. A few years later, I sold mSnap to the market leader; Marketron. I am now Vice President of Mobile Solutions for the company, which provides software to the broadcasting industry.

The knowledge I gained at UCCS provided me with a broad platform for building my own company. The high quality of the instruction makes a UCCS MBA a great value, but what sets it apart from other schools is the opportunity for mentoring from the faculty."

Martin Kristiseter
Vice President of Mobile Solutions
BA 2003, MBA 2004

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