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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

MBA in Health Care Administration (Online)

12 hours (4 classes) +3 hours (1 course) electives

The many changes in government laws and regulations, technology, society needs and insurance plans create a large need for administrative and business education for health care professionals.

MBA students pursuing the Health Care Administration emphasis complete four (4) courses in their area of emphasis beyond core courses plus one (1) business elective selected from another area of emphasis.

Course Number (Online)

Course Title

HCAD 6190

Health Care Administration

HCAD 6290

Health Care Policy

HCAD 6390

Health Care Ethics & Law

HCAD 6490

Health Care Budget & Finance

In addition to the four (4) courses above, students take one (1) elective course selected from another area of emphasis within the College of Business.

Course Number

Course Title

Elective 1

Graduate business elective of your choice

Course Descriptions

HCAD 6190 Health Care Administration
Examines the social, political and economic influences on health care administrators in the health care system. Analyzes leadership management and organizational theories, human resource management, strategic management and professional development issues.

HCAD 6290 Health Care Policy
Focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to effect change in health care policy and delivery. Explores the health care system, focusing on financing, delivery and reimbursement models, regulatory issues, and the legal/ethical parameters. Emphasis is placed on empowerment and the development of leadership skills within the social/political context of health care. Building collaborative interactions within systems is stressed as the policy-making process is studied.

HCAD 6390 Health Care Ethics and Law
A theoretical basis for ethical/legal decision-making as applied to contemporary situations encountered in health care settings.

HCAD 6490 Health Care Budget and Finance
Introduces systems of resource management in health care delivery. Emphasis on strategies of finance and budget, personnel management, management research, and information systems as tools used by health care administrators to impact the health care environment. Individual, societal, and political influences which may alter the process of management will be examined.  It is recommended that FNCE 6000/6090 be completed prior to taking this class.

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Charlotte Waters - UCCS MBA 2001

In today's ever-competitive global economy, business graduates need all the skills they can acquire. Charlotte Waters, of Catholic Health Initiatives, believes her UCCS MBA gave her those skills.

"I chose the UCCS MBA because of its reputation, the course offerings, and the convenience of the classes. I got so much more than that: a high level of instruction, small class sizes, professors who were generous with their time and professional contacts, and a chance to broaden my horizons far beyond anything I'd expected.

My UCCS MBA gave me such a well-rounded education that I have been able to take advantage of several opportunities to move up in my career. My degree gave me the flexibility to bring knowledge and skills from one department to another to the next, and to use what I learned to make my organization stronger.

The resources for an excellent education are all right here at UCCS. What you make of it is your choice. I'm glad I chose the UCCS College of Business."

Charlotte Waters
Executive Director of Healthy Living Strategies
Pikes Peak Area YMCA
MBA 2001

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