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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

MBA in Finance (Campus & Online)

9 hours (3 classes) + 6 hours (2 classes) electives

All organizations, large and small, must effectively invest and manage their capital. The finance function is critical in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Job opportunities exist for MBA finance graduates in almost all industries including the financial services industry and positions within the finance area of corporations. Finance graduates manage capital for large organizations and their independent business units as well as small organizations.

Students concentrating on the Finance emphasis complete three (3) courses in their area of emphasis beyond core courses plus two (2) business electives selected from other areas of emphasis.

Course Number (Campus/Online)

Course Title

FNCE 6100

Problems and Policies in Financial Management

FNCE 6200/6290

Investment Management & Analysis

FNCE 6400/6490

International Financial Management

FNCE 6500/6590

Managerial Economics and the Business Cycle

In addition to the three (3) courses chosen from above, students take two (2) elective courses selected from other Areas of Emphasis or electives within the College of Business.

Course Number

Course Title

Elective 1

Graduate business elective of your choice

Elective 2

Graduate business elective of your choice

Course Descriptions

FNCE 6100 - Problems and Policies in Financial Management
Further develops students' analytical and financial problem-solving skills through the use of case studies. Topics may include planning, budgeting, and forecasting; new product or project evaluation; raising funds through debt and equity; mergers and acquisitions; bankruptcy and working capital management. Prerequisite: FNCE 6000/6090.

FNCE 6200/6290 - Investment Management and Analysis
The theory of investment management and security values is presented. Topics include portfolio management; the analysis of investment risks and constraints on investment policies and objectives; the analysis and use of investment information; the development and application of the tools for determining value; and analysis of common stock, bonds, options, and futures. Prerequisite: FNCE 6000/6090.

FNCE 6400/6490 - International Financial Management
Uses the fundamental tools of financial analysis to assess the risks and opportunities for firms operating in an increasingly global economy. Special emphasis will be placed on the opportunities that arise from both market imperfections and the increasing integration of financial markets worldwide. Focuses on the international financial environment, the measurement and management of foreign exchange rate risk, and global funding and investment opportunities using both quantitative and qualitative decision tools to exploit opportunities and control risk. Prerequisite: FNCE 6000/6090.

FNCE 6500/6590 - Managerial Economics and the Business Cycle
Study of the forces affecting the US and global business cycle. Interpretation of business cycle indicators and their implications for financial planning and decision-making. Topics include interest rates and inflation, the conduct of monetary policy, aggregate supply and demand, and employment levels. Presents concepts, tools, and methods of economic analysis relevant to decision-making within the firm. Prerequisite: FNCE 6000/6090.

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Christy Sipsey MBA 2006

The MBA program at UCCS was a great experience. The program was both challenging and rewarding. I enjoyed working with my classmates on projects, learning about the different aspects of business, and as an alumnus, staying involved with the university.

Christy Sipsey
First Bank
BS 2001, MBA 2003

My MBA experience at UCCS was life changing. I had faculty that believed in my abilities and encouraged me to achieve my highest potential. My MBA opened doors for me that I wasn't even aware existed. I now have a job that I absolutely love and I know for certain that I would not have even been a candidate for this position without my degree.

During my career planning phase when I would talk to prospective employers, I heard on several occasions that UCCS was a highly esteemed higher education institute and that those I interviewed with knew that I had "earned" my degree as opposed to "buying" it. I am proud to have a Master of Business Administration from UCCS!

Lisa Rutherford,
ANB Bank,
BS 1996, MBA 1998

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