University of Colorado Colorado Springs: College of Business

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Registration Instructions

You will register for classes within the myUCCS Current Student Portal.

1.  Before you can access the portal, you must first claim your UCCS User name and password by going to the UCCS Help-desk.  Select "Students" and then "Accessing Your Account" from the navigation bar on the left side of the page.
  Once you have claimed your account, you can log into the Portal and use your UCCS email account (the primary method of correspondence while in your MBA).

2.  Inside the portal, the "Academic Resources" is where you will shop for courses, register and take care of most of your business with UCCS (pay tuition, update addresses, confirm emergency contact, etc.) and can be found on the myUCCS Student Portal by selecting the Student tab at the top of the page after you have logged in.

3.  Shopping Cart - You can select the courses you want and place them in your registration-shopping cart at any time.  Adding courses to the shopping cart will give you a head start when it comes time to register. You must know your residency status, as determined by UCCS, to select the correct section of a DMBA class. If you are uncertain of your status, contact the MBA office prior to adding classes to your shopping cart (719-255-3408 or Colorado residents must register for the "main campus" online courses with an OL1 section and Non-resident students must register for the "extended studies" online courses with a 501 section. To search for classes, use the  step-by-step guide.

The Step-by-step guide, link is to the right, will provide you will an ability to search for all online MBA courses, allowing you to see both sections and correctly register for your DMBA class based on your residency status. 

Register for Classes - Once DMBA registration opens, log back into the system, and register for the courses in your shopping cart.  If the section you need is closed do not register for the alternate section, rather, put yourself on the wait-list and contact the  Director of Graduate Programs at  Enrolling for courses involves the following steps:  1) putting courses in your shopping cart; 2) confirming those courses in your schedule; and 3) enrolling in your courses.

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