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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Fall 2014 Schedule

Registration for DMBA Fall 2014 opens on July 1st.

Click here for registration instructions - don't forget you must register based on your residency status - OL1 sections are only for students with resident status and 501 section are only for student with non-resident status.




ACCT 6190

Accounting for Decision Making

Jeffrey F. Reinking, Ph.D.

BUAD 5590

Fundamentals of Economics

Dale R. DeBoer, Ph.D.

BUAD 6490

Transforming Technology Organizations and Employees

Robert R. Hirschfeld, Ph.D.

BUAD 6590

Strategic Management

Eric M. Olson, Ph.D.

BUAD 6690

Managing Innovation for Strategic Advantage

Gregory N. Stock, Ph.D.

FNCE 6090

Corporate Financial Management

Thomas J. Zwirlein

FNCE 6490

International Financial Management

Thomas J. Zwirlein

HCAD 6390

Health Care Ethics and Law

Kimberly DeLine, J.D.

MGMT 6090

Leading and Managing in Changing Times

Donald D. Warrick, D.B.A.

MGMT 6390

Managing Human Resources for Competitive Advantage

John F. Milliman, Ph.D.

MKTG 6090

Marketing Strategy

Andrew J.Czaplewski, Ph.D.

MKTG 6390

Business Analytics (formerly Marketing  Research)

Carol A. Finnegan, Ph.D.

OPTM 6090

Operations: Competing through Capabilities

Monique F. Dooley, Ph.D.

OPTM 6490

Virtual Team Skills for Project Management (formerly Organizational Skills for Project Management)

Margaret M. Beranek, Ph.D.

OPTM 6590

Project Estimation and Risk Management

Richard Discenza, Ph.D.

QUAN 5590

Fundamentals of Business Statistics

Monique F. Dooley, Ph.D.


  • FAll DMBA classes will be held from August 24, 2014 through December 20, 2014.  Refer to the DMBA Academic Calendar for a all fall  2014 dates - they differ from campus dates.
  • You are responsible for completing the required prerequisites before registering for a course.  Please review the following courses that will require prerequisites for this term:

Course Number

Required Prerequisites

ACCT 6190

ACCT 5590 and a working knowledge of Excel

BUAD 6590

ALL Foundation & Core Classes

FNCE 6090

ACCT 5590, BUAD 5590 and QUAN 5590

FNCE 6490

FNCE 6090

MKTG 6390

MKTG 6090 or OPTM 6090,  and QUAN 5590

OPTM 6090

ACCT 5590 and QUAN 5590

OPTM 6490

Any 6000 level MBA course or instructor's permission

OPTM 6590

OPTM 6390

QUAN 5590

A working knowledge of Excel


Campus Classes:
Click here for the campus fall schedule. Registration for Campus MBA Fall 2014 classes opens April 14, 2014.

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