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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Current Student FAQs

Common questions about the MBA program are answered below. Please contact the MBA office if your question isn't covered.

How do I check my UCCS email?

Email is the official form of communication at UCCS. Log into webmail to check your UCCS email. We encourage you to forward your UCCS email to whatever personal email account you check often. That way you won't miss out on important reminders from the MBA office.

How do I drop a class?

If online registration is still open you can drop a class using the registration system in the student portal. Once online registration closes you will need to use a paper add/drop form and you will need the instructor's permission.

  • To drop a campus class pick up an add/drop form from the MBA office (Dwire 333) or the Admission and & Records office (Main Hall 108). Obtain your professor's signature and signatures from financial aid and the VA office if applicable. Turn the completed form into the Admission & Records office.
  • Go here for instructions on how to drop an online MBA class.
  • Drops late in the semester will also require the dean's signature and will only be granted in the case of documented, extenuating circumstances that are beyond a student's control. Contact the MBA office if you need to drop a class late in the semester.

How long do I have to finish my MBA degree?

You have 5 years to complete your MBA, beginning with your first MBA class. A student who is close to graduating may petition for a short extension of this time limit.

What is the lowest passing grade in an MBA class?

A C is the lowest passing grade in an MBA class. A student may repeat a course once for which he or she has earned a grade below C. Both the original grade and the grade for the repeated course will count in the computation of the grade point average. A student must have a cumulative MBA GPA of 3.0 or higher to graduate.

How many classes can I take each semester?

The normal course load limits are 12 credit hours (4 classes) in the fall or spring semesters and 6 credit hours (2 classes) in the summer semester. In some cases a student may petition for permission to exceed the normal limits. This is most likely to be approved in cases where the student is not working full-time, or where there is little or no overlap in the timing of the courses.

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