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Certificate in American Business Studies (CABS)

Spend the semester in the U.S. and experience a first-class American business program in a setting that is recognized worldwide for its natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities. This program is open to undergraduate and graduate students from our partner schools.

The Certificate in American Business Studies (CABS) is designed to provide international students an opportunity to study at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs for one or two semesters, providing a quality, yet flexible educational experience, allowing students to experience an American business college - academically and socially .  The College of Business assists students in designing a program that fits with the degree requirements at his or her home university, providing a quality educational experience for serious  students while maintaining a degree of flexibility for international students.

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Application Deadlines

Fall Semester:
April 1st

Spring Semester:
October 1st

It's best to begin your application process 2-4 months before the deadlines listed above. This allows sufficient time for your transcripts to arrive, for visa processing, and to make arrangements for housing.

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