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Business and Economics Summer Term (BEST) International Program

The Business and Economics Summer Term (BEST) is an international academic program  for juniors, seniors, and graduate students.  It is organized by the Mercator School of Management of the University of Duisburg-Essen  in Duisburg, Germany.

BEST offers courses in business, economics, and German language.  The business and economics courses have an emphasis on the European economic environment.

The courses are offered in English and require no previous German language.  Click here for more information.

Molly at Koln Cathedral

"Studying abroad in Germany was one of the best experiences I could ever ask for! Learning about European business was eye-opening for an American student who had never been to Europe! Our trips to the different cities (Especially Berlin!) were adventurous and full of interesting history! And making friends with locals was one of the best ideas ever; they knew all the best places to go! If everyone could spend five weeks studying in Germany, I would highly suggest this program!"

Molly Gary
Undergraduate Accounting Student
(in front of the Cologne Cathedral, Cologne Germany)

"The BEST program is one of the most rewarding experiences I've done during my academic career.  The BEST team does a great job combining classes about European economics and business with travel to cool sites all around Duisburg and Berlin.  I highly recommend this program to any student."

Matt Sole
Undergraduate Accounting Student


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