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May 09, 2012

Dean's eNews May 2012

You've probably seen a lot in the news recently about oil and gas exploration in El Paso County.  There's so much at stake that the issue has become a real hot button for politicians, businesses, and the community at large.  But you might wonder why it's also a big deal for some of our MBA students.

The 25 MBA students in Dr. Fred Crowley's Problems & Policies in Finance Management class investigated environmental impact, economic impact, and oil and gas profitability in the county.

By tackling this complex problem from all angles, students have gained invaluable experience in research and analysis in a current situation.  This comprehensive study is a great example of the kind of education we seek to provide: business theory and concepts applied to the real world to foster the success of all.

"Successful energy exploration and development could create hundreds of well-paying jobs, diversify the tax base, and increase local GDP by as much as 5 percent," Dr. Crowley said. He believes oil and gas exploration could provide a more than $1 billion boost to the local economy. "The challenge for us is, how do we capture those jobs and incomes plus the jobs and incomes of the related service industries that don't even exist here yet?"

The students have invited public and private decision makers to the presentation in hopes that their research will aid in the decision making process as local governments and business organizations grapple with policymaking related to the emergence of this industry.

You are invited to hear the results of their comprehensive study at a public meeting at 4:45 p.m. May 11 in Dwire Hall 121 on the UCCS campus. Parking is free.

I look forward to seeing you there,

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