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April 24, 2013

AACSB to emphasizes Innovation, Impact and Engagement in new standards

Friends and Colleagues,

As I often say, one of the distinguishing features of our college is our AACSB International accreditation - the leading accrediting body for business schools worldwide - that only 5% of the business schools around the world enjoy.  It's been ten years since AACSB International recast its standards, which today ensure that business schools who achieve accreditation are best in class in how they meet the needs of their core stakeholders-students and employers.  The theme of the new standards is to encourage schools to go beyond quality and assurance and adopt innovation, impact and engagement as part of their mission.

Why these changes? The AACSB's Accreditation Standard's Preamble says it best:

"The business environment is undergoing profound changes, spurred by powerful demographic shifts, global economic forces, and emerging technologies.  At the same time, society is increasingly demanding that companies become more accountable for their actions, exhibit a greater sense of social responsibility, and embrace more sustainable practices."

To me, the UCCS College of Business has embraced this philosophy for some time.  Here are some examples:

Innovation:  going forward, AACSB accreditation will encourage innovation, experimentation and entrepreneurship; recognizing that risk-taking is essential for success.  Our distinctive programs, such as the Bachelor of Innovation family of degrees, Sports Management program and Entrepreneurship minor have helped us provide cutting edge training and education that is in demand in the modern business world.

Impact:  in the future, AACSB accredited Business schools must demonstrate the relevance of their research and teaching - how they are making a difference in business and society.  Through our continued communication with the business community, we are learning what you need in terms of our graduates' preparedness for the changing business world and training our students accordingly.  Our faculty are having a tremendous impact on their students through innovative teaching practices and on their professional fields through their applied research.  We will work on publicizing this more in the coming months and years.  Furthermore, our Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative helps ensure we are preparing leaders to make ethical, principle based decisions with a sense of societal and stakeholder  responsibility.

Engagement:  AACSB accredited schools will have to demonstrate an appropriate intersection of academic and professional engagement.  For example, our Career & Internship Office places hundreds of interns and graduates into businesses in the community, ensuring our students have a rich blend of classroom and real-world experience.  In addition, we are increasing our international education partnerships and study abroad opportunities to provide the business leaders of tomorrow with a global perspective.

I am pleased that the AACSB recognizes the imperative for Business schools to be on the front lines in training our future leaders through innovation, impact and engagement.  I am proud of the UCCS College of Business' commitment to these same principles; it bodes well for the students, our community and for the global business community at large.  I welcome your input on how we can work harder to connect with you and help in building your and your organization's future.
Venkat Reddy
Venkat Reddy
Venkat Reddy, PhD
Dean, UCCS College of Business

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