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September 21, 2012

Colorado Ethics in Business Alliance

Would you like to represent UCCS in a student project with the Colorado Ethics in Business Alliance?

Enjoy public recognition, meet local businesses, work with community leaders, enhance your resume, and gain media coverage for yourself - this opportunity is for you! UCCS College of Business is seeking students to evaluate nominees for the prestigious Bill Daniels Business Ethics Award and the Daniel L. Ritchie Award.  We are looking for nine groups of students (2-3 per group) to participate and we can set up groups for those who are not part of one. Last year, an undergraduate and graduate who had never met ended up evaluating the winner of the award!

Project overview:


Colorado Ethics in Business Alliance

For the past 20 years Colorado Ethics in Business Alliance (CEBA) has been elevating ethical businesses, organizations and leaders through an annual award program which is one of the largest of its kind in the nation.  

CEBA's mission of promoting ethics through education and recognizing companies and individuals who maintain exemplary ethical standards has attracted business leaders dedicated to the ethical pursuit of business success.

Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative

Bill Daniels, known for his honesty and integrity in business, combined his core values with vision and perseverance to create a sustainable business model.  Appropriately so, the organization created the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative - a collaborative group of Colleges and Universities working together to build a comprehensive curriculum for teaching business ethics, the same business ethics emulated by Bill Daniels and honored by CEBA. 


 BILL DANIELS BUSINESS ETHICS AWARD-Given to businesses with well-defined programs or efforts directed toward an important social need and/or demonstrating a singular awareness and highly effective implementation of a socially responsible approach to their business which goes beyond the expected or required.

Daniel L. Ritchie Award - Honoring private individuals for the demonstration of high moral character and ethical practices in business.

Benefits of this Student Project are:

CEBA's brings business- in-action to students, engaging them first hand in the evaluation and selection of award recipients.  This process includes a mentorship with a CEBA member, background research, on-site visit and interview with the award candidate and a written summary distributed to the selection committee.

Considering time for research, interviews and writing the document, CEBA believes a student will invest 20 hours into this project.  CEBA has historically assigned the nominees to the schools in the fall (late-September) with a late November/early December due date.   Students will be invited to attend the CEBA's Annual Award Luncheon scheduled for early Spring. CEBA will visit the college to make the project presentation and, at that time, can provide a mentor point of contact for the students. The UCCS College of Business Ethics Initiative will provide guidance and support to all groups. Information on CEBA and the awards is at

Along with the educational experience, this project provides an opportunity for business leaders to meet top candidates as they emerge from our business program. It's a great resume differentiator!

So if you want to be part of this very visible project, please contact Dr. Tracy Gonzalez-Padron  or the Ethics Initiative staff at 719-255-5168 An information meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 25 in Dwire Hall 103 from 7:30-8:30 pm (if not able to attend, please let us know and we can arrange another meeting time).

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