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EPIIC Nights Speaker Series, April 2013, Luis Solis

Brought to you by: El Pomar Institute for Innovation & Commercialization

Event Starts:

April 09, 2013: 5:30PM

Event Ends:

April 09, 2013: 7:00PM

Event Description

Luis Solis, President, Imaginatik plc, fixes broken technology businesses, and inspires leaders to courageously embrace Innovation. A resident of Boulder, Colorado, Luis has led the turnaround of innovation pioneer Imaginatik plc in Boston. The company is now in a Growth phase (35%+). Previously, he guided GroupSystems back to profitability and an eventual recapitalization.

A frequent speaker on innovation leadership, Luis graduated from Stanford Business and Law schools, and the University of Pennsylvania with honors. He fathers two sons, is a ski fanatic, collects pens and cufflinks, and will publish a book this year called "Innovation Alchemists: What CEO's Need To Know About Making Innovation Real".

Luis’ speech summary for the April EPIIC Nights event:

"CEO's do not make innovation happen at large organizations! They set the course, they provoke the direction, they might even allocate funding, however, the real leadership and management work happens elsewhere. Luis calls these unsung heroes of organizational change "Innovation Alchemists", because many of them deliver extraordinary outcomes with limited or borrowed resources. Their common traits hold the secret for effective innovation in large organizations."

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Event Cost

No fee to attend, thanks to EPIIC

Event Location:

UCCS campus - Upper Lodge
Community members, entrepreneurs, students and business
leaders will be invited to attend

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