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Students at UCCS take Inclusive Campus Pledge

By: Kelsey Kennedy, KOAA News 5
January 25, 2017
Yellow smiley buttons are popping up on students and staff on the campus of UCCS.

Yellow smiley buttons are popping up on students and staff on the campus of UCCS. People wearing them have taken the "Inclusive Campus Pledge" started by a student late last week.

In signing the pledge, students are promising to embrace diversity and the differences they have with one another, listen to the opinions of others and work together to solve problems peacefully.

"We all are seeing some negative things out there," said Student Body President Samuel Elliot, creator of the pledge. "Whether it's on our Facebook timeline or on the news of people that are doing things that aren't the nicest, that aren't necessarily treating people with kindness. That's what this campaign is about, is raising awareness, and having everyone get along."

He believes a college campus is the perfect place to start the movement. "College is a place to challenge some of those viewpoints, to challenge your own  beliefs," he said. "To sit and discuss other people's beliefs. The purpose of the pledge is to make sure that as students are doing that, they're doing it with respect."

There are locations to sign the pledge and pick up a yellow smiley pin across campus.

"I come from a family of immigrants, and I've always felt like this was a country that was meant to be inclusive by design," said student Ruairidh Weir. "Not just for immigrants, but for people of different races, genders, nationalities, everything like that. It just seemed like an obvious choice to sign that pledge."

The smiley pin is a visible sign of their commitment to embracing diversity on campus.

Elliott says he plans to reach out to the rest of the Colorado University system and even other universities to see if they're interested in joining the Inclusive Campus Pledge.