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Open Enrollment Programs

Open enrollment programs are professional development programs open to the public.  OPED's open enrollment programs are designed and offered based on an "industry-vertical strategy", meaning training programs are semi-customized in order to meet specific needs of a particular industry.  Listed below are the current industry verticals OPED is working with:

- Healthcare
- Defense / Aerospace / Government Contracting
- Financial / Banking
- Project Management / IT and Software
- Human Resources (coming soon) 

OPED uses the "Lean Startup" methodology to design and develop open enrollment programs.  Training programs are designed and offered based on requests and needs of professionals in a given industry.  Professionals and executives are involved early in the design and development process to provide feedback before the program is launched.  

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    Leadership Development for Emerging Healthcare LeadersSeptember 17, 2015

    Your managers can become strong leaders with this application-based training program, customized for healthcare professionals, that provides the skills needed to bring out the best in people, teams, and your organization.

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    Wealth-Building Habits :: Simple Rules to Life's Economic GameDecember 4, 2015

    We are all in life’s economic game --- but not all of us know the rules. The goal of this seminar is for participants to learn to build long-term financial security, and eventually how to achieve economic independence.

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    Shipley's Capturing Federal Business and Pricing-To-WinDecember 15, 2015

    OPED has partnered with respected industry leader Shipley Associates to offer this 4-day interactive professional development program in Colorado Springs to teach professionals a proven capture process using tools and disciplines to develop winning strategies and implementation of those strategies through your capture teams.