College of Business

College of Business and Administration Learning Outcomes

Business, BS-Bachelor of Science

As future business leaders, our graduates will demonstrate:

  • knowledge and application of best practices in core business concepts.
  • the ability to analyze and interpret information to reach conclusions and make effective business recommendations.
  • principle based ethics to make socially responsible business decisions.

Graduate School of Business Administration Learning Outcomes

Business, MBA-Master of Business Administration

Our students will demonstrate the ability to:

  • Understand and apply knowledge in accounting, finance, information technology, management, marketing, operations and strategy
  • Make decisions that incorporate ethical principles, legal obligations and social responsibility (including sustainability) and that consider all stakeholders
  • Function effectively as a team member and a team leader in a diverse business environment
  • Communicate professionally and effectively
  • Think critically and analyze and synthesize information for problem identification and effective managerial decision-making
  • Recognize, appreciate and respect diversity and cultural differences in order to adapt and succeed in global business environments

Business, MSA-Master of Science in Accounting
Our students will:

  • Demonstrate technical competencies and professional knowledge in financial accounting, auditing, and taxation
  • Demonstrate critical thinking in accounting contexts
  • Demonstrate the ability to recognize ethical and professional obligations of accountants
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate both orally and in writing