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Student Outcomes

The College of Business is committed to building successful futures for all of our stakeholders.  Successful outcomes for our students are central to this vision. The following metrics are just a few of the ways that we measure the positive impact a UCCS College of Business education has on our graduates.

UCCS Campus Outcomes
The UCCS Office of Institutional Research collects and analyzes data related to student success, institutional effectiveness, faculty productivity, student learning, and other performance indicators including data related to federal and state reporting requirements and the Student Right-to-Know Act. Student outcome measures including degree conferrals, graduation rates, retention rates, course completion rates, and licensure exam results are available from Institutional Research.

College of Business Undergraduate Outcomes
The College of Business is home to 1,186 enrolled undergraduate students and serves more than 350 additional students who've declared Business Intent as their major (fall 2015 data). In Academic Year 2014-15 the College of Business awarded bachelor's degrees to 262 students.


College of Business

Retention Rate
(Fall 2014 to Fall 2015)



Graduation Rate
(2009 Cohort, 6-year graduation rate)



*See Institutional Research for report details. Graduation rates are for first-time, full-time freshman. Retention rates are based on all freshmen regardless of part-time/full-time status.

College of Business students completed 247 internships in Academic Year 2014-15 including 59 internships in Sport Management, 91 internships in PGA Golf Management, and 97 internships in Business.

College of Business Graduate Program Outcomes
The College of Business serves more than 300 graduate students (fall 2015 data). Most are pursuing the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, however, our newly-launched Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) is growing quickly. In Academic Year 2014-15 the College of Business awarded MBA degrees to 117 students. Our first MS in Accounting students will graduate in summer 2016.

Each semester in the Capstone class we survey students about their experience in the MBA program. Following are some highlighted findings from the 2014-15 Academic Year.

  • 87% of on-campus respondents and 84% of online respondents would recommend the program to a friend or colleague
  • 92% of on-campus respondents and 96% of online respondents learned skills and knowledge in the MBA program that they believe will be important in their career.

In Their Own Words
College of Business graduates have shared the following statements about their educational experience and the impact of the UCCS College of Business.

Thanks to career networking night I started my dream job in Human Resources two days after graduation. I am so thankful, and would not be where I am today if it wasn't for career networking night.

Jessica Riley,
BS, Class of 2016


A lot of the other students were already professionals. It made for a nice seriousness about the education. People were focused and involved in team work groups. I loved it. It seemed more professional and I learned a lot more-especially from my peers. I was definitely more challenged at UCCS. It gave me the confidence to start my own business.

Sharon Erale-Palmer,
BS, Class of 2005
Founder and Co-owner, Swirl Wine Bar


The UCCS MBA program combines highly qualified professors with a practical and demanding curriculum. I couldn't be happier with the education I have received.

Andrew Vezey,
MBA, Class of 2014


The MBA program provided an excellent opportunity for me to change my career path, update my skillset, and proceed with confidence towards a career in Finance. I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their worth in today's business environment. 

Michael Tobin,
MBA, Class of 2014


The MBA program at UCCS has given me the skills needed to succeed in today's competitive and ever-changing business climate.

Catherine Matthews-Kane,
MBA, Class of 2012

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The College of Business is expanding its efforts to collect data about the career progression of our graduates. Additional metrics will be posted as they become available.