Tuition Assistance - Frequently Asked Questions
Ch. 33 Post 9/11 GI Bill

1.  What is the process for the post 9/11 GI Bill to pay my bill?

You must visit the Office of Veteran and Military Student Affairs in Forester House to turn in a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from the VA, stating the percent you are eligible for under Ch.33 and complete a course load worksheet, once you have registered for the courses you intend to take for the entire term.

Once these documents are received the UCCS VA office will complete your Certification of Enrollment with the VA. This initiates any benefits payable directly to the student (BAH and Book/Supply Stipend, if eligible) from the VA and tuition and fee payments directly to the school.

Next, enrollment certification information is provided to the Office of Tuition Assistance and a conditional credit will be placed on your student account for the estimated amount the VA will pay based on the eligibility stated on your COE.  If we have not yet received a copy of your COE UCCS will certify your enrollment to the VA but the Office of Tuition Assistance will not place a conditional credit on your student account until received.

2.  Do I have to be certified every semester for the VA to pay my tuition and fees?

Yes, the VA requires Certification of Enrollment every semester you intend to use your Ch.33 Post 9/11 GI BILL benefits to cover your tuition and fees.

3.  By what date do I need to have required paperwork in to be certified in the UCCS VA office to avoid late and service charges?

You must turn in all required paperwork to include certificate of eligibility and be certified in the UCCS VA office on or prior to the first tuition payment due date/census date of every semester. If you are not certified, or the Office of Tuition Assistance has not received your certification information by this date in every term, you are subject to late and service charges until your certification or a copy of your certificate of eligibility are received. The student will be responsible to pay any late and service charges assessed, as these costs are not covered by Ch.33 Post 9/11 GI Bill.

4.  I do not receive 100% tuition and fee from the Ch. 33 Post 9/11 GI Bill. When is my portion due?

If you are going to be paid less than 100% for the Ch. 33 benefit, you need to pay your portion of the bill in full or enroll in a payment plan prior to the first payment due date of the term. If your portion is not paid you will be responsible for any late and service charges that accrue on the student account.

5.  What happens if I drop a class and the UCCS OVMSA has already certified my enrollment with the VA?

If you drop a class after the OVMSA has certified your enrollment with the VA, the VA will seek the tuition and fees paid for that class. If you have dropped the class before term start date, UCCS sends the amount of overpayment directly to the VA. If you have dropped the class after census date, UCCS will not refund any payments to the VA and the VA will seek the overpayment from the student.

6.  I received a letter from the VA debt management center stating I owe a debt because the VA overpaid the school for tuition and fees. What is the school's refund policy?

All overpayments sourced from a student dropping courses after the term start date, a refund will be applied to the student account directly. All overpayments applied to the student account will be applied toward any outstanding charges owed to the University of Colorado prior to any refund being generated directly to the student.

For overpayments due to duplicate payments from the VA, a student withdrawing from all courses prior to the term start date and a student never attending, all overpayments sent will be sent directly to the VA at the following address as specified by the VA:

Department of Veteran Affairs
Debt Management Center
P.O. Box 11930
St. Paul, MM 55111

A refund will be generated to the student or VA after census date for the semester the overpayment was made. This is to reduce payment issues from adding/dropping courses. The check will have the students VA file number if sent directly to the VA.

UCCS will work to notify every student of an overpayment applied to their student account or sent back to the VA on their behalf with a formal notification. If you have more specific questions regarding the details of an overpayment on your behalf please call 719-255-3739, if we cannot answer your questions you will be referred to the Central VA.

7.  How does my College Opportunity Fund (COF) effect Ch. 33 Post 9/11 GI Bill ?

UCCS OVMSA subtracts COF (for those who are eligible) before submitting tuition and fee information to the VA. Meaning, the VA will pay tuition minus COF, as long as the student is eligible to receive COF funds. This is requested by the VA and the UCCS leadership team, as COF is defined as direct funding to undergraduate students from the State of Colorado in the form of a stipend paid to the school directly. The stipend is used to reduce down the student share of tuition charged by the school. If the student chooses not to use the COF toward their bill, the student is financially responsible to pay for any remaining balance on their student account by the published due dates to avoid late and service charges.

For more information on COF and how to apply and authorize please see the following page:

8.  I am planning on using other sources of TA funding in addition to Ch.33 Post 9/11 GI Bill, can I use multiple sources and receive a refund?

No, Ch.33 GI Bill is always considered the first payment on your account outside of Financial Aid. This payment priority is required by the VA and UCCS will notify other TA sponsors of any Ch.33 benefits being received.

The exception to the use of multiple sources of TA funding is if you are not eligible for 100% tuition and fees under Ch.33 Post 9/11 GI Bill, you can use an additional source of TA to fill the remaining amount due up to 100% of tuition and fees.

Example: Ch.33 covers 60% tuition and fees to school directly; you can use CO National Guard (federal or state) to fill the remaining 40% that will be owed to the school to cover all tuition and fees due.

If receiving federal funds from any of the following programs:

  • Reserve Officers Training (ROTC)
  • Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA)
  • Health Professionals Scholarship Program (HPSP)
  • Government Employees' Training Act (GETA)


The VA requires UCCS, and all Ch.33 schools, to report the amount of tuition and fees initially charged to the individual after deducting any amounts paid with the above listed Federal Funds.

9.  My enrollment has been certified in the UCCS VA office, why don't I have a credit on my account showing Ch.33 Post 9/11 GI BILL is covering my tuition and fees?

This is because you have not provided UCCS with a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from the VA or you waited until after that last tuition due date to visit the UCCS VA office to have your enrollment certified for the semester.

Your account will be credited once we received a wire payment from the VA on your behalf or you turn in a COE to the UCCS VA office. If it is past the final tuition due date you will not receive a credit to your account at all until the funds are received from the VA.