Cassy Berndt, Vice-President  



Cassy Berndt, Vice-President: Chair of Professional Connections Career Fair Committee.  If you have any questions or concerns about these committees please contact





Carly Marsh




Carly Marsh, Secretary: Carly is responsible for publishing events from BSNA each month. If you have any ideas for an event, please contact her at






Valerie Walker




Aaron Dial, Image of Nursing: Aaron is responsible for promoting the importance of nursing in the community such as providing outreach to high schools in the Colorado Springs area. If you are interested in joining a group outing to a high school to promote nursing  contact Aaron at




Lauren Kirk




Lauren Kirk, Membership Director: Lauren is all about striving for excellence and professional connections in the area of nursing. She is the contact for any questions or interest in Colorado Student Nurses' Association (CSNA) and National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA). Contact Lauren at




Emilia Cintora




Emilia Cintora, Student to Faculty Liaison: Emilia brings legitimate issues that students have to the faculty to facilitate change or awareness of a situation. If you have any concerns or questions that you would like to take to the faculty, please contact Emilia at





Courtney James




Courtney James, Volunteer Coordinator: If volunteering is your thing, Courtney is the one to contact. She has many volunteer opportunities available. If you have any questions about how to participate or have any volunteer opportunity ideas, contact Courtney at


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